Sunday, July 13, 2008

A deluded fool who thinks he can scientifically prove that god exists

So I saw a video on YouTube by this putz claiming that he can prove scientifically that god exists. In fact, it says so right in the title of his video, 'GOD EXISTS, ATHEISTS!!! I'll prove it SCIENTIFICALLY!!' I'm surprised that while the brightest minds in the world have never been able to conclusively prove or disprove the existence of god, this guy on YouTube named, ooga2012, has been able to do it. Let's take a look at this amazing proof, shall we?

Wow, that was funny! Actually ooga (I can call you 'ooga', right?), what you did was not a scientific proof. It was what I call 'religious hand waving'. It's what philosophers and theologians do. Scientists hypothesise, then do experiments and/or gather evidence, interpret the results, and publish for their peers to dispute or support it. You failed to do any kind of experiment, or to gather any kind of evidence. I'd have to question your level of education in science. Do you have any qualification at all? I'll ask you to please not throw around the words 'science' or 'scientifically' until you gain an understanding of exactly what they mean.

At the end of your video, you go on to say that anybody who doesn't agree with your logic is "... stubborn, unreasonable ...".

Here's what I say to you. "You have no understanding of science. You have failed to provide any evidence for your claim. At at least one point in your video, you acknowledge 2 different possibilities, then assume that one of them is true without any justification. That is not proof. Your video proves nothing. Your disabling of both ratings and comments for your video show that you are not open to any kind of debate or criticism on the issue, putting you in the same group as dictators. Yet you call US 'stubborn' if we don't agree with you. You are also stupid enough to expect that we'd believe an argument from an English-speaker who does not know the difference between ITS and IT'S, a mistake which you make twice in your ground-breaking proof of the existence of god."


Uyi Iredia said...

Pretty much pummeled Pascal's Wager there, i'll give you credit >>> I found out the web page ([url=]click here 4 more [/url]) with the info containing his claim that >>>> time has a beginning & an end (Mr Hawkings sorted that one out) >>> so my question(s) is why do u think that his attributing the creation of time as we know it, to be false? & what will be a reasonable answer ass opposed to ooja's handwaving?

i'm waiting 4 ur answers >>>> spent some time poring thru Mr Hawkings article >>> phew !!!

Uyi Iredia said...

oops >>> guess my little code didn't work >>> i wonder how i'd run such stuff here

Admin said...

Uyi, I'm not sure if I understand your question, but I agree that time had a beginning. I don't know if it will have an end. Time can be a natural consequence of the existence of the Universe. What created the Universe? I think we don't know yet. Ooga is using this uncertainty as a chance to insert whatever answer he wants, which is called an argument from ignorance. The thing that really made me angry is that he called his argument from ignorance, 'scientific proof'. What he did was neither scientific, nor a proof.