Friday, July 11, 2008

Jesus keeps soldiers alive. Right? had a story about an atheist soldier in the U.S. Army who served in Iraq and is suing the government because he says he's been harassed by his fellow soldiers, and even had his life threatened by his peers. Read the article here.

Now, the story is interesting, but is not the point. They had some forums on the subject, which I can't seem to find anymore, but to be honest, I haven't looked all that hard. In the forums, there was a poster named Lee who said something like, "He should believe in Jesus. Who does he think kept him alive in Iraq?"

Another poster responded with something like, "If Jesus has kept him alive, has Jesus also kept the enemy alive? Were the soldiers who have died not kept alive by Jesus?"

The second poster raises a very good point. Is Lee trying to say that when the enemy survives, that Jesus also did that? Maybe Jesus is a sadistic bastard who just likes watching humans go at it, like when sadistic-bastard humans watch cockfights. If he allowed one side to win, the fun would be over, and the betting would be called off, so he has to keep members of both sides alive. Is Lee saying that Jesus is bogging down his favourite country (the USA, of course) in Iraq? Is he trying to say that all of the soldiers and civilians who have been killed during our wars were not saved by Jesus?

Here's the thing, Lee. Shit happens! Some people will survive a war, some won't. Sometimes that bomb will kill you, sometimes it won't. You cannot claim that Jesus has kept some alive, without also claiming that he failed to protect, or even caused the deaths of, so many others.

It's something that Christians are often guilty of. They attribute anything and everything that happens to Jesus, but only if it's a result that they like. Somebody survives a car crash? "Jesus did it!" Somebody survives cancer? "Praise the lord!" etc., etc. But why do those same people not acknowledge that if this logic holds, then Jesus also either caused, or turned a blind eye to, the deaths of so many other people? Did Jesus kill your mother with that tumour because she was a bitch? Does Jesus watch and decide to not intervene as little children are raped, tortured and murdered (maybe he watches and videos them for heaven's version of YouTube)? Does Jesus decide not to warn all of the people killed in natural disasters, or does he even cause the disaster himself, just for kicks? The examples of times when Jesus does not intervene are so overwhelmingly numerous, that I'm going to stop here.

What would happen without Jesus? Nothing? Is everything that happens caused by Jesus? The good things and the bad things? Is there no chance that I could survive an incident without Jesus? If there is, then how do you know which ones Jesus did and which ones were just chance? If you're going to claim that Jesus only intervenes in certain situations, then you're saying that some will suffer and others will be spared. Amazingly, that's exactly what would happen even if Jesus didn't exist!!! Hmm........

You know, I'm kinda rambling here, and don't think I'm doing a particularly good job of discrediting anything. But these points are something that people should think about. The next time you get hit by a bullet, and it misses vital organs, stop to think before you credit Jesus. Ask yourself, "Is there any chance that this bullet could have missed my organs without Jesus? If Jesus made it miss my vital organs, couldn't he have made it miss me entirely? This fucking hurts!"

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