Thursday, July 24, 2008

Karadzic the moral Christian

I get a bit tired of these morons who keep saying that atrocities on a world scale are only committed by atheists. They often cite (the highly questionable claim) that Hitler was an atheist, as were the communists of the Soviet Union, China, Cambodia, etc.

So in recent days we get news that Radovan Karadzic, a Serbian accused of orchestrating the murder of thousands of people, many of them Muslims, has been arrested. In the news video I saw, he was shown in a personal moment, visiting some kind of church, where he made the sign of the cross and kissed a painting that looked like Mary (couldn't really tell on the video).

What is important is that he was a Christian. Look religious people, stop playing the morality card to try to discredit atheists. Even if it's true that religious believers are more moral, it does not make it any more true that your god exists, and it certainly isn't evidence. But as we can see from this latest case, the claim itself is bullshit.

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