Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The most serious failure

In my opinion, the following represents the most serious, intellectually dishonest, shameful and ridiculous lie, deception, and logical failure of all religious tactics. That is, once a believer thinks he has demonstrated the existence of A god, he then concludes, without providing evidence, that it is HIS god. Nothing demonstrates the underhanded tactics of a believer more so than this.

Watch one of my favourite targets, Ray Comfort of The Way of the Master commit this act of intellectual fraud, which he does by following up his 'proof' of god with the 10 commandments, which are from his god (you can probably start from the mid-point of the video).

He then continues in the next video with talk of Jesus, which of course is his specific god.

There are a lot of gods which have been believed in throughout history. Hindu gods, Greek gods, Roman gods, Egyptian gods, Native American gods, Scandinavian gods, pagan gods, etc., etc., etc. Christianity itself has probably wiped many gods out of history. It would be hard to figure out exactly how many gods have been conceived of by humans, but I would guess it's in the tens of thousands. Perhaps that guess is way off, but it isn't relevant to the point.

In addition to all of these gods which have been conceived, there are an INFINITE, yes, INFINITE number of other possible gods which have never been conceived of or described by humans.

So how can one assert, even if there is a god, that it is his god? The believer will throw his holy text or stories in your face, but that proves nothing, and is a total cop-out. Other religions have holy texts and stories too. What is his evidence? Nothing!

The truth is, the believer has no leg to stand on here. If we have an infinite number of possible gods, then even granted that one or more gods exist, the chance of it being the god(s) described in his book is extremely small. In fact, as calculus would describe it, the chance approaches zero. Put simply, that means that the chance of his god being the correct one, without any evidence to show differently, is as close to zero as it can possibly get without actually being zero. Put another way, his god is the most unlikely thing in the universe that is not actually impossible. Put yet another way, the chance is infinitely small.

Infinitely small. And that's even granting the believer that any god exists at all.

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Fernando said...

Given that I have a pair of eyes and a brain that works (that much I assume), I can see "a creator" behind this piece of crap speech which does not prove shit about god's alleged existence but provides enough arguments to criminalize spewing of religious idiocy, as generously done by Mr. Comfag.

It really pissed me off to hear one stupid remark after another but I patiently sat and heard this idiot's filibustering. I much understand now why Mr. Dawkins does not engage in discussions with scum like this, it somewhat makes them feel their arguments have some legitimacy, since someone was dumb enough to discuss them... on live TV (pre-scripted perhaps? I am not familiar with that particular show).

If he raised any point at all (really, I never got the 10-commandment-proof thing) it would be that, like animals, we have instincts that makes us awe/gasp before natural fenomena. Cavemen saw thunder and fire and eclipses... and feared them out of pure instinct. If we keep reacting instintively assigning myths and superstition to these, then we are no better a species than the dogs used by Mr. Pavlov. (yet, it may be so... in an amazing quoincidence churches are equipped with bells). And fears shared by animals, needless to say, say more about our common past than about supernatural beings manifesting themselves, no matter the avatar (fire, constellations, feathered serpents, 8 year old tibetan children, or whatever turns your crank).

Seriously, the only miracle here is that evolution has not delivered us from blabbing sumbiches like Mr. Comfuk.

Sorry about the rant, it is just too much idiocy packed in 18 min of video.

BTW, great blog, greetings from ever-theist Mexico.