Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Prayers for Madeline McCann

Now, I don't want anybody to think I'm totally cold-hearted. A little girl is missing, possibly dead, and that's terrible. I would very much like to see her, and all other missing children, returned safely. But it did happen to give me a good chance to write about the blindness of religious people.

I was recently watching a news report about the ongoing case. They had an interview with a woman who said something like (trying to quote as accurately as my memory allows), "I don't understand how so many people can be praying for the same thing and it not come true."

This woman made the first important realisation, which is that her god is not answering their prayers for this little girl. She likely was searching for any explanation, with the axiom that 'there is a god' as the foundation of all possible solutions. She failed to find the solution, resulting in her admission that she can't understand.

She ignores a possible solution to the problem, perhaps the simplest solution to the problem. That solution, it appears obvious, is that her god is not answering their prayers because it doesn't exist. Another possible solution is that her god does exist, but doesn't answer prayers, which would just be a devastating revelation to televangelists. Yet another solution is that her god does exist and does answer prayers, but is busy helping some professional athlete smite the competition, or some Hollywood awards nominee be awarded the statue, and doesn't really care about little girls being kidnapped all that much. Either way, it's not the god she blindly believes in.

So there you go, lady! Three solutions that you were unable to come up with because you refuse to open your mind. You will remain lost and unable to understand as long as you refuse to give up your childish beliefs.

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