Sunday, July 20, 2008

Science wasn't even born yet

I was watching more videos featuring that putz, Ray Comfort of The Way of the Master. He made another assertion that was pretty silly. He stated that the bible contains many scientific facts which were not known to science at the time it was written. As an example, he said that the bible says the Earth hangs in nothing, when science still thought it was on the back of a turtle.

I lost track of the video and don't feel like watching them all again to figure out which one it was in, but I found this on Ray's website, in a post with the heading, Science Confirms the Bible. (That headline is disgraceful enough. How can this twit argue that the bible is correct because science confirms it, while constantly arguing that science is wrong? More creationist logical failures.)

"3. THE BIBLE: Free float of earth in space (Job 26:7). SCIENCE NOW: Free float of earth in space. SCIENCE THEN: Earth sat on a large animal."

Well Ray, that's all fine and dandy to assert, but I see some problems. The first problem would be that science as we know it did not even exist when the bible was written. The book of Job is in the Old Testament, which means it was written thousands of years ago. Modern science is defined by the scientific method of hypothesising, testing, analysing, publishing, defending. That method emerged after 1000A.D., and was not really solidified until the 17th century or so. That's why there has been such an explosion of human knowledge and progress since that time.

Not only did modern science not exist when the bible was written, but there was certainly no such thing as an international peer-reviewed journal of science, and therefore there could not have been a widely-accepted scientific consensus. So while I don't doubt that some of those pre-scientists might have thought Earth was on a turtle, it's completely ridiculous to suggest that's what science thought.

And I have to ask, exactly which scientists said the Earth was on the back of a turtle? Was an experiment conducted? Was it repeated and verified? Did the results really find a turtle holding up Earth?

I happen to know that the ancient Greeks (and possibly more civilisations) were aware that Earth is a sphere, at the time that the Bible was being written. If they knew that, then they most certainly knew that there was nothing holding it up.

Ray, it would be best if you don't comment on science anymore.


Anonymous said...

The earth isn't a perfect sphere :P I know it's just pedantic, but still...

Anonymous said...

Actually the catholic church stopped many scientists who tried to prove the actual shape/movements of the Earth...