Wednesday, July 9, 2008

What do I believe?

  1. There are no gods.
  2. Jesus might have been a real person, but the stories of his divinity, virgin birth, miracles and resurrection are false. He may have been an intentional fraud, or he may have actually believed he was the son of a god.
  3. The supernatural aspects of other religions' holy texts are also false.
  4. There is not one bit of evidence to support any supernatural claim of any religion.
  5. The universe has a natural origin.
  6. Life began through through natural processes and evolved into its current form through natural selection.
  7. It is possible to be an atheist and a good person.
  8. There is a chance that I'm wrong about the above points, and I am willing to reconsider, given new evidence (real evidence, not religious hand-waving or philosophical arguments).


Ian Andreas Miller said...

Religious hand-waving is, really, just faith. Faith is the permission slip -- the suspension of disbelief -- necessarily to believe the "truth" of religious philosophy.

Anonymous said...

Your beliefs reveal your ignorance of the Truth.

You have not observed the evidence for the actual faith and the relationships of billions.

your inordinate demand of "evidence" is hypocritical....

life is a bout a real relationship with a have one (with my God) whether you choose to remain in darkness or not.

Admin said...

What a typical religious response. Assert atheist is ignorant. Provide no reason. Assert faith is evidence. Provide no reason. Assert that atheist is hypocritical. Provide no reason. Assert that gods exist. Provide no reason.

Bravo for the well thought-out post. Your creators are your parents. There are no gods, whether you choose to remain deluded or not. Fuck you. Next time, send somebody who can make a coherent argument.