Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What's with the quote at the top of the blog?

I was checking out one of my favourite religious websites, The Way of the Master. I have to say that the website design and production is pretty slick. That's evidence that they have a good web designer :-) It opens with a video showing Kirk Cameron talking to Ray Comfort. Yes, it is the Kirk Cameron from TV's Growing Pains, he is an evangelist now. And yes, Ray Comfort is a perfect name for an evangelist, don't you think?

Anyways, near the end of the two-minute or so video, Kirk talks about how Christians can convert non-believers. He points at his head with both index fingers and says it's possible if we use "... the powerful principle of bypassing the intellect ..." When he said it, I was reading other websites as I listened, so I went back to the video and played it again to make sure that I heard it correctly. And after I heard it again, I played the video again (oh why won't they put a rewind button on that thing?), just to be sure. I was laughing and couldn't believe that he actually said that!

What exactly is he trying to say? That intellectual people don't believe in gods, so they have to go around it? That gods are not intellectually reasonable? That gods don't make any damn sense? That any person who likes to use their intellect is not going to believe in gods? That his god gave us these brains in order to not use them? That some god wanted us to have the brains for the sole (soul) purpose of creating instruments, techniques and thought processes that would cast doubt on its existence? Is an intellect bypass like a heart bypass at the hospital, but it takes place in a church? Absolutely unbelievable, and just further evidence to support the sentiment that all thinking men (and ladies) are atheists.

Edit (September 2nd, 2008): I just saw another video in which Kirk says Christians can avoid the issue of evolution by "circumnavigating the intellect". Ray happily adds that means people don't have to learn about the (air-quotes used when he said it) "fossil record", or learn any big words.

I will NOT bypass my intellect.


ReaL FlamE said...

What more do you expect from them?


And yeah, that ''Muhammed Asif'' guy getting 36 thumbs down IS me.

I just kinda tried to pass over a smart@ss comment, guess people weren't amused :P

The biggest weapon theists have is the ability to stretch their concept of God as much as possible to fight just about any kind of logic.

What more do you need when you can label your God ''all-powerful'', ''most merciful'', ''greatest Judge'' etc. ?

The boundaries of logic are thus broken, not in the least because all these qualities contradict each other.

But it doesn't matter; they still get the sheep, who favour ''faith'' in place of logic.

But times are changing; the rise of atheism stands testimony to that.

better_late_then said...

With all due respect, I don't think you understood what he meant by "... the powerful principle of bypassing the intellect ...".

What he meant (and he knew not many people are even aware of it) is bypassing the conscious and writing in the unconscious where all of our beliefs (what we accept as "true") are stored. These "techniques" have been used for millenniums - now are mostly known as NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), and can, when properly mastered, change position and order of ANY belief, thought, picture, sound, smell, taste, touch or emotion in our memory in relation to any other peace of such information.

This is knowledge that CAN (there's nothing "humble" in my opinion) give the greatest power to any single individual or a group (or a pack of "hungry for power wolves in human skin"). This is power that can lead to someone call himself "the Master" (and with no exaggeration whatsoever in relation to the power he has over others that are of less capability). This is power that can move unaware masses in any desired direction. This is the power behind world greatest think-tanks; the power behind extreme influence of "Media and Advertising", etc. Ultimately, this IS the power of every man and woman on Earth. To achieve it is no small feat. One needs highest understanding of all kinds of areas of knowledge like: language; psychology; biology; physics; operating principles of information storage in brain-mind; electromagnetic principles of emotions and thoughts in relation to other electromagnetic fields like heart or Earth or space around us; etc, etc and ETC.

Higher the number of information in our mind, higher the intelligence, thus higher our power over environment.

Best wishes from Sarajevo (Bosnia).
(pardon for bad English, not my native language)

Admin said...

You know, something tells me that isn't what Kirk Cameron meant. Are you familiar with this man? You overestimate him very much.

Admin said...

Actually G.R., "with all due respect", the more I think about this, the more I realise that you don't have any idea what's going on here. Kirk is not calling himself "the master". He is not the master that he's referring to.

Kirk thinks that thinking is bad. Thinking leads us away from belief in his god. So he and his partner use emotional manipulation, mainly fear and guilt, to try to get a person to believe it. He thinks it's bad to learn scientific "big words", and that people should not look at the fossil record. He believes that his god has "written on the heart of every man" proof of its existence, and that by listening to our brains, we are ignoring the knowledge of our heart. He thought (thinks?) that bananas are proof of the existence of his god. He is a fucking moron. He would have no idea what you were talking about in your post.

G.R. said...

Thanks for responding at all, Mr. Admin, and you're 99% right in your remarks.
I was off-topic, because my post was focused merely on the sentence "... the powerful principle of bypassing the intellect ...", with no regard of a person who said it or his background or his intelligence, etc., because this "front-men" or "sellers" of religious ideas are rarely creative minds behind its programs and techniques.

People are mostly unaware of how "properly" constructed sentences can have insanely strong effects on their emotions and thus, actions and their thinking in general.
For ex., prayers like “Our Father, Who art in heaven…” have in themselves very complex emotional pattern that’s being invoked when one says it because of the order of words that associate many different images with different emotions and memories (like father, bread, heaven, temptation, deliver us from evil). In the first part it creates very strong feeling of love and connection, and in the second guilt and fear, it makes you think you’ll lose all unless you’re protected (in this ex. by the Church and their rules of conduct). And everything repeated, becomes a belief.

"Words" have always been the most powerful weapon. So, because schools don't teach inner-functioning of thought/emotion memory processes, you get in the end, masses/millions of people (with sheep-like mentality) susceptible to suggestions of all kind, who are unable to properly cope with everything they hear. And it’s nothing complicated. Learning of just some basic principles when young generations are in schools (and it's a very long period) would create specific basic set for critical thinking and solve many problems in advance. But that's forbidden to teach in schools, for obvious reasons, 'cause of the difficulties the critical-thinking masses would represent to governing structure.

Emotion is the thing that guides all of our actions, it even guides reasoning (in everything related to ourselves and others). Emotion tells you if something is more moral or less, if it's right or not, is it good for you or not, etc. Every person lives every moment of their whole life guided by emotions, but the problem is not that, the problem is lack of understanding of how emotions work and how to put them properly to our benefit. For ex., most people believe in God because of "fear of death", because they know they can't control outcomes of all things around them. Emotion (frequency pattern) of "fear" is present in the root of every thought and it serves to preserve the state of homeostasis (tendency of organism to preserve itself from harm and to stay alive). "Fear" is the card that governments, churches and others play when they want to move the masses. So, when Kirk and his company say "they use emotional manipulation, mainly fear and guilt, to try to get a person to believe it", there's nothing moronic about their method. They know exactly what they are doing. Even Alfa-wolf plays that "fear card" to control his pack. He just knows it works.

And believe me (or don't :) ) when I tell you, all these religious leaders and promoters are experts in manipulating the emotions of masses, regardless of how they acquired that knowledge - through decades of personal experience or through purposeful training by some other experts from their organization.

And I’m no expert, I just seek knowledge, like many others.

I’ve read some of your posts. You’re very intelligent (this is “playing on the emotion”, just as the first sentence of post increases the chances of You reading it at all).

Enjoy life!