Thursday, August 7, 2008

Atheist community project time

I saw an article in the news about yet another religious leader who was convicted of a number of charges, including murder and embezzlement. That's nothing new. We all know those guys are not as moral as they or their followers would claim them to be. Check the article here.

Now, here's the fun part. I found this article on Wikipedia called List of convicted religious leaders. There are separate sections for violent crimes and non-violent crimes. The list seems to be pretty incomplete, and that's a total shame. Don't you think so?

Edit: The Wikipedia article seems to focus only on major leaders, or supreme leaders of religions. I'd argue that pastors and priests of individual churches are also religious leaders, and should therefore be added to the list. If they don't allow it, I suppose we could make a new article for small-time leaders.

We need to expand this article! Our intention, of course, is not to embarrass religion, but to make sure that the high standards of Wikipedia are kept, and to ensure that human knowledge is as complete as possible. Right? :-)

Here is what I propose. If you have a blog, get this challenge on it. Go through past blog postings, and any other news articles you might know of, and get the list growing! Let's have as many disgraced religious leaders as possible added to this article so that we can show the sheep the extent of the great morality of their leaders! (Remember that in order to go on the list, the person must have been actually convicted of the crime, not just charged or arrested.)

I've already added this latest case to the list. Make sure you cite the source article in the references. If you've never edited a Wikipedia article, use the following template to edit it. Replace the italics parts like in the example below the template, and add it to the bottom of the existing code.


* name of convicted leader - leader role, charges convicted on.{{cite news| url=http://web address| title=article title| publisher=name of news organisation where you found the article| accessdate=yyyy-mm-dd date you clicked the link|date=yyyy-mm-dd date of the article}}


* Howard Douglas Porter - Pastor at Hickman Community Church, convicted of first-degree murder, embezzlement, elder abuse and attempted murder.{{cite news| url=| title=Preacher convicted of murder loses support| publisher=MSNBC News| accessdate=2008-08-06|date=2008-08-06}}

What do y'all think? Drop me a comment if you like the idea. I suppose if you think the idea sucks, you can also comment.

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