Saturday, August 9, 2008

I'm fully half-atheist!

I saw my paternal grandparents and my only paternal cousin at my brother's wedding today. When all of the god-talk was going on (my brother is still Catholic), I noticed they were a bit awkward. On the way home, it was just me, my grandparents and my cousin in the car. I flat-out asked them if they believe in god. None of them do.

Interestingly, my cousin was reluctant to describe herself as atheist, even though she does not believe in god. She tried to tell me about how she does have beliefs, and believes in humanism, etc. Just another example of how society has conditioned us to feel that atheism is a dirty word, taken to mean that you're an immoral person. I quickly managed to convince her that atheism is merely the lack of belief in a god, and she then acknowledged that the word describes her. Hopefully she'll be comfortable with it in the future.

So an entire half of my family is atheist, even though I was raised to be Roman Catholic by my mother's side. Interesting that we never discussed it before.

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