Thursday, August 14, 2008

Religious stories are not the default!

I've been looking at a lot of anti-scientific propaganda lately, and I've noticed something. Both the creationists and the intelligent design advocates spend an awful lot of time trying to tear down Darwinian evolution by natural selection and the Big Bang (hereafter referred to as currently accepted theories), without actually raising any points to support their own argument. All of these attacks focus on the state of evidence for the currently accepted theories, while never addressing any evidence for the other side. It's as if they think that by discrediting another theory, theirs wins by default.

This is a very serious logical failure. The destruction of the currently accepted theories (which not surprisingly, they've failed to do) will not in any way support their theory. It would leave a void, a huge gap in human knowledge about our origins, and one for which no other theory has provided even a tiny shred of real (physical, non-anecdotal, non-hand-waving) evidence to support. It would be back to the drawing board, basically.

If you are attempting to prove your case in this way, and don't see the ridiculous failure of logic, let me illustrate with a completely analogous example. There has been a break-in in your neighbourhood. The police have two suspects, yourself, and some other dude. The other dude is able to provide an alibi, backed up by several people. With that, they take you into custody and charge you with break-and-enter. You are convicted for the sole reason that the only other guy they thought it might have been was able to prove that it wasn't him.

Wouldn't you cry and bitch? Wouldn't you complain that it wasn't fair? Wouldn't you threaten to appeal or sue, on the basis that they provided no evidence to prove that you did it?

If you think that destruction of one theory is proof of another, you have to suck up this hypothetical scenario like an adult, and accept that you were proven guilty by the same technique with which you wish to prove your theory of origins. We all know you wouldn't tolerate that.

So I say to you, "You are lazy and cowardly bastards who have absolutely no evidence to support your case! Stop attacking the currently accepted theories, it will prove nothing in your favour! Provide some evidence to support YOUR case!"

Of course we know you can't do that, because no such evidence exists. What sad, pathetic individuals.

A win by default is an unimpressive way to win, and nobody granted your theories the status of Default Theory.

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