Thursday, August 7, 2008

This guy doesn't ever quit

Thought you'd like to know what Ray Comfort is up to over on his page.

"There is a difference between being a 'believer' and being a Christian. Every sane human being is a 'believer' in God’s existence. Some people pretend He doesn’t exist (atheists) but they know He does. I know what the atheist knows because God’s Word tells me that He has given light to every man. He cannot plead ignorance."

Ray is just a gullible fool, which is why we don't buy his argument. I've posted here about his hilarious and painfully embarrassing attempt to prove god exists (you really should watch the video if you haven't already, it's so awkward). I've posted here about his intellectually dishonest and incredible logical failure in asserting, without discussion, that this being is HIS god, once he thinks he's proven the existence of A god. I've posted here about his and Kirk's rejection of any contrary evidence by merely asserting that god made it that way. And we probably all know about his complete collapse and embarrassment on the banana issue, even though I haven't posted about that yet (I'll get around to it). What I do know is that even after it's been discredited, and he knows it's been discredited, he continues to (literally) sell the argument to children, which I posted about here.

Ray, maybe if you were a more honest, more factually correct, and less-prone-to-embarrassment leader, people would be more inclined to believe you. But the truth is that you're a disgraced and gullible fool, whose arguments just don't make sense, and whose various 'proofs' are fatally flawed. You have no understanding of science, the scientific community, or what it means to 'prove' something. You're a laughing stock, dude. Surely an all-powerful god could choose a better representative than yourself.

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