Monday, August 11, 2008

YouTube rebuttals to creationists

I'm currently on vacation in the Galapagos islands, but I've scheduled some posts to appear every few days while I'm gone. This is the first of those pre-scheduled posts.

In browsing the creationism vs. evolution debate (which sadly, exists) on YouTube, I came across 2 especially well-done video series. Altogether, they would take several hours to view, but I think it really is worth it.

The first series is called, Why do people laugh at creationists?. It's made by a member named Thunderf00t, who is some kind of scientist, although I don't think he ever says exactly what kind. There are 24 videos in the series, as of this posting (Edit: There are now 25 26 27 29). They're pretty easy to watch. Especially funny are his interactions with a prolific creationist video poster named VenomFangX, who is just some arrogant, scientifically-illiterate punk kid. The slaughter is quite amusing. When you're finished with the series, you can check Thunderf00t's other interactions with VenomFangX, such as when VenomFangX challenges him to a debate. Funny stuff!

If you want to visit Thunderf00t's YouTube page, click here. I've also got the first video for you here, if you want to watch it now.

The second series are the Foundational Falsehoods of Creationism, by a member named AronRa. There are 11 videos in this series, as of this posting (Edit: there are now 12 13 14 15). I believe he is a Ph.D. student in geology, but I could be wrong. His videos are longer than Thunderf00t's, and a bit harder to watch, for the reason that he often displays quotes which you will have to pause the video to read, and then you might forget where the narration was when you begin to play the video again. However, they are just as informative, and just as crushing to the creationists.

If you want to visit AronRa's YouTube page, click here. Once again, I'll include the first video for you now, if you want to watch it from here.

Hope you enjoy the videos, and I do recommend that you take the time to watch them all. I have.

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