Thursday, September 11, 2008

Afraid that science will kill your god? You should be!

In my last post, I posted some anti-scientific, pro-religious comments about the Large Hadron Collider that I found on a major mainstream broadcaster's website.

Basically, the people's argument is that their god and their holy book already contains the answers of how the Universe was created, and so we don't need to spend money or time to explore the questions experimentally. I used to be a Christian, and I don't remember reading the part of the Bible which deals with Higgs particles, but let's move on.

I remember when one of the recent Mars probes was in operation, there was a news report featuring an interview with an Aboriginal leader. He said that if we want to know if there is life on Mars, we should not send robots there, but just ask the elders of his village. He claimed that they know the answers, because their ancestors passed the knowledge down through the generations to the current elders.

I wonder if these people actually listen to themselves when they talk, or read what they write. How can they be so dumb to realise that there are countless religions around the world claiming to have the answers, and they all contradict each other? What makes them think that theirs is so special? Why can't they see the situation for what it is; a bunch of different groups with no research, but who all claim to know the answer, therefore believing that any actual experimentation is pointless?

In reality, I think they're afraid. They're afraid that the march of science is incessant, and that the only reason their religions even exist is because of human ignorance of the world, or the 'god of the gaps' position. Perhaps they're afraid that if human knowledge continues to grow, that it will wipe out their gods completely. And they should be afraid, because that's probably what will eventually happen! So they oppose any attempt for human learning, if it might eventually lead to a contradiction of their beliefs.

Why do they feel it would be such a bad thing? Why do they feel that believing in a god that isn't there is better than knowing the truth that it isn't there? Why would they rather live a lie than know the truth?


Anonymous said...

Oh my close minded little friend, we aren't afraid. Science can't kill God. Just as Science can't prove God. Science is what it is. But it isn't forever.

Again, I'm suggesting you pop a few anti depressants. Your close minded attempts to paint creationists as afraid or stupid are laughable at best.

Admin said...

I'm closed-minded? Search my page for a quote from a pretty good scammer. According to him, you're closed-minded and dumb.

Anti-depressants, eh? What makes you think I'm depressed? Is it because you're stupid? I'm pretty fricking happy with my life. In fact, I've got everything going for me. But I'll ponder your assertion in 3 weeks time, when I'm using my ample vacation time to scuba dive in the tropics with 40m visibility.

Admin said...

By the way, if your god existed and actually did interact with the Universe, science would be able to prove it. The reason your ridiculous imaginary friend can't be proven to exist is that it doesn't. Get it? Things that don't exist can't be proven to exist.

So are you gonna provide any substance, or just assert that I'm wrong and tell me to take pills? (That's very Christian of you by the way, you phony).