Wednesday, September 10, 2008

How misleading your are!

I don't know if this has done the rounds of the blogs yet, but I want it on my page!

This guy wrote an email to the Atheist Experience TV show. The subject is How misleading your are! (I did not make a typo in the subject). Here it is in its entirety (or as much as the show's staff sent to me). The best part is near the end. The email text is in blue (note that I have not altered any of the email's spelling or punctuation) and my responses in red:

atheism is not new and is as old as religion itself believing in ones self then believing in god! i am a scientist not atheist..

You're a scientist? We'll see about that, won't we?

I look at facts to back up my beliefs not speculations about if or not there is a god. I know there is billions of atoms and trillion to the 2nd power of DNA splattered through-out the universe and thing unexplained by science today!

If DNA is splattered throughout the Universe, then I guess that contradicts the ' life on Earth is special' dogma of many Christians.

before you assume that there is no god or assume there is you must look at the evidence.

I've seen all of the evidence for god. ALL of it. It took me 0 seconds to go through it.

and not at the winners of history's version of truth! just because they claim to be one thing doesn't mean they are that which they claim! atheist are the same you worry about about future and worry about today! as most humans do! I worry about my children and their future! but i look at the christian world and see a joy they have that no other set of people have! so i look at
both sides no worries and a joy beyond measure.. or fear and self human interest! and believe in something greater then ones self .. hmm but left to human temper the world is then ruled by fear hatred and death.. wars.. disease..famine..religion has bring out love and understanding..

Religion brought out love and understanding? Are you sure that it didn't CAUSE much of the fear, hatred, death, wars, disease and famine that you talk about?

but for a few bad apples take Islam for example it claim all infidels should be killed!! but in christian belief accept jesus into your heart and be saved beyond your earthly years!

Yep! Christianity has never once killed, enslaved or abused any non-Christians, and has definitely never stolen any of their land.

This is just a look at what are atheist and their views..looks like no-one ever thought it through we don't have enough evidence to claim there is no god! or creation..but belief..and then you must stomp out the belief in love hope and faith if there is no god.. for all the idea of god is a starting point of creation..

How much evidence do I need to claim that there's no god? Is it more or less than the amount I need to deny Santa Claus?

if big bang is correct then god is the impact of two asteroids..but why hasn't their been another big-bang??? all the time asteroids impact each other ..and the universe keeps expanding into infinity!

What!? The Big Bang was caused by WHAT?! I thought you said you were a scientist! Do you mean you're a political scientist or a creation scientist or something? Or are you confusing scientist with scientologist?

atheism is a belief just as satanism is..belief in ones self!

No, satanists worship satan. Atheists don't believe in satan. And yes, most atheists do believe in themselves, because unlike a god, we can see and touch ourselves (mind out of the gutter!). We also don't believe that you're a scientist.

Do you see why people with no education in science need to shut up?


Anonymous said...

He is correct about the Satanist part. They don't worship Satan.

Admin said...

Huh? Are you saying that satanists don't worship satan? That's not what the dictionary says. Wikipedia also refers to satan worship.

Maybe too many movies for me, but I think that is the common usage of the word, is it not?

Label said...

No, again. They're right in part.

Modern Satanism is based from the works of Anton LaVey and is referred to as LeVeyan Satanism. (wikipedia that for yourself) A vast majority of the Satanic religion of today follows these teachings. Sadly I find that many of my fellow athiests are uninformed on this subject.

The fallacy that the Christian above has, (besides the obvious) is that 'believing in yourself' being the basis of thought or religion is somehow evil. Linking athiesm to satanism in that context portrays an outright lie.

and as for the common usage of the word "Satanism" being what you say, you are correct.

However, we could also affectionately say that the word "Christian" commonly means "ignorant child".