Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Large Hadron Collider makes god sad :-(

So the Large Hadron Collider has begun its testing. I'm excited. Science is excited. Google is excited.

But on a mainstream news site that I went to, which I suspect has an audience with conservative tendencies, the comments were not all so positive. Here are some of the religiously-relevant comments people left on the site. They're in blue, and my responses are in red.

"God spoke and "BANG" it happened.
Simple but true.

And they spent BILLIONS trying to disprove what so many billions of people over the centuries already knew to start with.

For all their academic qualifications they didn't learn that much in the end. For many, trust is still an issue."

No, this will not prove that a god didn't instigate the Big Bang. And no, just because people believe it, doesn't make it true. Thump your Bible some more.

"From a Christian perspective (at least mine) I find it arrogant for man to think he can come close to duplicating what God did in creation. Then again, it's also arrogant that man, in particular some scientists, reject the biblical account in favour of Darwin's unproven theories. This, despite all the scientific evidence for Noah's ark being found and Pharaoh's Red Sea chariots being found at the bottom of the Red Sea which clearly supports the biblical account of events as written."

Argh.... no, Darwin's theory does not address the Big Bang. The biblical account is ridiculous. No, there is no evidence that Noah's Ark has been found. Did your preacher tell you that? Even if there was, that wouldn't disprove the Big Bang. If chariots were found at the bottom of the Red Sea, wouldn't a more likely explanation be that a ship carrying them sank, or that they dumped them in the ocean when they were no longer useful?

"I don't think that is why God put those sientists on this earth!!!! They are too curious!!! People are dying from starvation and desease on this earth!!! Take care of that instead and you'll be heroes!!!

GOD created the earth!! Take care of it instead of trying to destroy it by trying to find out how it was made!!!"

Just another Bible-thumping coward afraid that scientific progress might diminish his 'god of the gaps', and is therefore advocating that we stop learning. Christian Taliban, anyone?

"In terms of what we need to get us through life,it just seems totally unecessary, increasingly unjustifiable and a long way around to proving the existence of God. In philosophy there is a saying that the more credence you give to the physical world around you the more you live your life in dilusion to the truth.
(ex physicist)"

If the LHC proves the existence of god, I'll buy you dinner.

"I'll bet God's sitting back smiling, and patiently saying, oh look what my silly children are doing now. Isn't that cute."

I'll bet your god doesn't exist.

"The LHC would not be possible without the existence of the precise laws of physics. Can you have laws without a lawmaker? The answer is simple: There must be a Lawmaker."

OK then, who's the lawmakermaker?

"Thank You Diane (a previous commenter's name). You are the kind of people that make me happy - people who actually stand up for what they believe in. I am what you call a bible thumper. I am a hardcore christian, bible believing 18 year old from Canyon, Texas. Why would you spend so much money on something so pointless? Essentially you can not recreate the world that GOD has created. I hope that your little test tube thing goes completely wrong just to prove that the big bang never happened and the world and humans as we know it did not come from a piece of dirt like you think that we did. We came from a God that is in the heavens and created us with love and compassion. So all of you that think this is a good idea, i love you from my heart and hope that you find the right way and find God in your hearts."

You love me? Well, I don't love you. Sit down and shut the fuck up. By the way, I thought humans coming from a piece of dirt was the biblical account, not the scientific one. Don't you people even read your Bibles?

"Here's an idea... Instead of wasting millions of dollars and thousands of man hours on these crazy experiments.. why not just go and buy a Bible..! Right there in the very first chapter of the oldest and best selling book ever... THE CREATION! DUH!.. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that GOD created the world...! No matter how many atoms or crotons or whatever they find or test.. with these expensive machines.. the truth is right there in the Bible.. an AMAZING and ALL POWERFUL God.. created the earth! AND this has been proven many times.. so stop wasting your time and money!"

Again, another Bible-thumper trying to impede knowledge so that it doesn't destroy his god of the gaps. Note that there is no such particle as a 'croton', and that it likely isn't a typo because the 'c' key on a keyboard is nowhere near the 'p' key. The dictionary says that crotons are a type of tropical plant. The LHC will NOT, I repeat, will NOT be making tropical plants! It's not even in the tropics! Also note that gods have never, ever been proven, despite the assertions of the above Bible-thumper. If it had been proven, they wouldn't still be trying so hard to prove it.

These people would still have us living in the Dark Ages if they got their way, as it allows for the largest gaps for their gods to live in. I can imagine if they were around in the past, they'd be protesting the basic research which identified and explored the properties of the electron, or the properties semi-conducting materials. Now that knowledge allows them to express and demonstrate their ignorance to the entire world via their computer, as well as live a first-class lifestyle. It's the same pattern over and over again. Religious freaks protest learning, learning benefits mankind, religious freaks protest more learning, more learning benefits mankind.....

Once again, do you see why people with no education in science need to shut up?

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rmacapobre said...

a lot of them christians are stupid .. (not all of them) ..