Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pray for nice weather for the wedding

I forgot to post this comment before. A couple of days before my brother's wedding in August, I found out that it was an outdoor ceremony. I asked what would happen if it rains, and was told that there is an adjacent hall where the ceremony would take place. OK, fine.

But then something interesting happened. My grandmother told me to, "say a little prayer for nice weather". Now she's my grandmother, so I just calmly replied, "I don't pray".

What I really wanted to say was, "Do you honestly think that with all of the pain, suffering, starvation, and death in the world, that this god gives a flying fuck about whether or not it rains on the fricking wedding?! Why would it care about your weather in the face of all of that? And if you think that god answers your prayers, why wouldn't you spend your prayer time praying for something actually useful and helpful for the world, like some rain for the poor farmers who need it so badly to feed themselves?!"

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rmacapobre said...

lol ... i hear ya!