Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ray's Rules of Atheism

Ray's at it again. This is from his blog.

He has recently been insisting that atheism is a religion. It seems he was challenged by an atheist, with these comments:

"Please point out the sets of beliefs, the devotional and ritual observances, the moral codes, and practices of this 'atheist religion.' I await any answer."

Ray's response? Take a look.

Pope: Charles Darwin
Bishops: Richard Dawkins • Daniel Dennett • Sam Harris • Christopher Hitchens
Holy City: Oxford, England
Creed: Darwinian evolution
Holy book: Origin of Species
Fellowship: Universal
Faith: The belief that there is no God
Agenda: The stop the advance of Christianity
Moral Code: Societal dictates
Language: Speculation
National Holiday: April 1st.

This goes pretty well with my recent post about my Authoritative Book of Atheism, and my post about how people who are ignorant of a subject will extrapolate from the things that they do know to try to destroy it, which can be found here.

I only have one question. If the banana is the atheist's worst nightmare, why wasn't it listed as our equivalent of the devil in Ray's response?


Anonymous said...

Atheists might hate having their beliefs labelled as religious, but you gotta admit some of them are more dogmatic than any theist.

Dale Roberts said...

Dale's Rules of Religion
Pope - Random Nazi
Bishops - Child Abuse Supervisors
Holy City - Dunno but lets have a fight
Creed - Keep the money rolling in
Holy book - 'Myths and Lies'
Fellowship - American and Fundamentalist
Faith - we will be saved!
Agenda - Control and Wealth
Moral Code - Don't do as we do, do as we say!
Language - just keep mentioning the carpenter and we will get away with it!