Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Don't blame me, the stars told me to do it!

I have a friend who is at a major transition point in her life at the moment. She has to decide to marry her guy or not, to quit her job or not, to move to a different country or not. So how is she making these critical life-changing decisions? With astrology and tarot cards, of course!

Recall my last post about people relying on gods to help them with problems. I find this to be more of the same. There are people out there who don't have the patience or the strength to sit down with all of the available information and make a good decision. Instead, they'll turn to a random page of their holy book or look at the stars for guidance. Any decision made using such methods is a decision based on bad information, and if it screws up, well then you deserve what you get! It's just more weakness. People who know me will say that one of my faults is that I have very little tolerance for weakness in people.

If she actually uses her brain to help with the decision, she'll see that she should break up with the guy because he doesn't love her, she should keep the job because it's a source of steady income in a very uncertain time, and she shouldn't move because she currently lives in the country that she wants to live in.

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