Monday, December 15, 2008

We came from rocks?

I've been watching more videos featuring the ferocious young-Earth creationist, Kent Hovind. In them, he often makes the joke (for a receptive audience), that 'evolutionists' believe that humans came from rocks (or sometimes dirt). It's considered quite a zinger in creationist circles, and seems to get a good laugh from the audience.

I never could figure out exactly what he meant by this, especially in light of the biblical story of Adam being created from dirt, but creationists aren't known for their ability to look at their argument from another point of view (keep this in mind until the next paragraph). So then I found this podcast on YouTube, featuring Hovind on the Infidel Guy's show. I noted that at least one poster in the comments section was repeating the ridiculous rock argument. Anyway, in the podcast, Hovind explains what he means by this puzzling remark. He says something along the lines of old science books state that organic material was brought to Earth inside space rocks, therefore those materials which make us up came from rocks, therefore scientists believe humans came from rocks.

Alrighty then. It seems like a strange case to try to make, but let's just accept it and give this creationist a lesson in reversing an argument onto himself. If organic material brought to Earth by rocks means that humans came from rocks, then one could easily make the case that creationists (or anybody else, really) believe that humans come from vegetables, fruit, rice, wheat, chickens, cows, fish and pigs. Afterall, those are our major food sources, and therefore the source of raw materials and energy that go into making a human. And I don't even think there's a creationist out there dumb enough to say that humans don't get materials and energy from the food that they eat.

So there you go. If you're going to be a petty dumbass and say that scientists believe humans came from rocks, then ask yourself why it doesn't mean that humans come from the plants and animals that we eat every day.

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