Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ray Comfort admits his side is losing

My favourite Christian Creationist Cock-up, Ray Comfort, has a new book coming out. On a promotional website, he makes the following plea:

Please consider sending this short article to someone you know, and help to pull the plug on the rising tide of atheism.

The rising tide of atheism, eh? I guess that means he admits that the mental illness he is suffering from is losing ground to the rationality of atheism. Atheism and a belief in gods are in direct opposition to each other, so atheism can't be rising if it isn't taking energy from the other side.

Thanks Ray, you made my day! Yes, you're going to lose. You know what you could do to stop it? Ask your imaginary friend to actually make an appearance. That would stop atheism more than your bumbling, incompetent antics.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Your imaginary friend won't heal them, so we have to try!

One of the arguments that I've seen religious people make against embryonic stem cell research is, "In years of researching, no condition has ever been cured with stem cells." Yes, that's true, but there is a very good reason for it. The reason is that they're simply not ready yet, and that they've never even been tested in humans. It takes longer than a few years to do serious and revolutionary medical research. They'd know that if they had any scientific education at all, but that's too much for us to expect from the typical Bible-thumper.

Why is it that some of these people can wait over 2,000 years for their imaginary friend to appear, even though it never does, but they can't even wait a few decades for stem cells to show us what they can do?

The situation changed this week when the American FDA approved the very first human trials of embryonic stem cells. They may never amount to anything, but they have an awful lot of potential that is exciting a lot of medical experts, and giving hope to those who are in need of such treatments, such as spinal-cord injury victims.

If the religious people object, I ask them, "Why is it that we have to seek such treatments?" It's because, despite promises of healing from you, your cult, your polygamous pedophile cult leader, and your imaginary friend, these people are not being healed in any other way! Despite all of your prayers, nothing is happening! If you want us to stop this research, tell your worthless, apathetic god to get off its lazy ass and start healing these people! Tell it to do something useful and productive for once in its fricking existence! Something tells me nothing will happen, despite all of your pleading. I know why, do you?

Anyway, we're going to continue with stem cell research, and if it ever develops into anything, remember that you object to it and would refuse treatment should you need it.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Keep the internet Christian!

*The site that inspired this post is very likely a parody.  But just in case it isn't.....

Again touching on the topic of religious people attempting to silence dissent, I found this website, on which the author, Jim Carlson, makes an attempt to claim the internet as a tool to spread Christianity and to suppress opposition. Here is a quote:

The Internet was created by the United States of America - a Christian nation - and should not be used to spread anti-Christian, secular, or non-Christian propaganda and hatespeech. This is our Internet, and we should exercise our position as its owners and as the guardians of civilization to stop its misuse. (emphasis in original)

So Jim Carlson, does that same rule apply for all types of communication and for all religions?

The Blackberry, which I understand is quite popular these days, was invented by a Canadian company called Research In Motion. So I'm sure Canadians would appreciate it if you would stop using Blackberrys to spread anti-Canadian, American, or any non-Canadian propaganda or hate speech. You may use it to heap praise on the Canadian government and their decision to avoid the disaster in Iraq, or just to send hockey scores to your friends. It would be wrong to make any implication that the American hockey team is better than the Canadian one using a Blackberry.

Moving on, I did some quick research on Wikipedia for the origins of the mail system. It appears to have been invented thousands of years ago, that's before the United States was even born, in the Middle East, perhaps Persia. I don't want to research the origins of mail very hard, so I'll just take this as truth. Now, the Middle East certainly wasn't Islamic back then, as the great Muhammad had not been born yet. They were probably busy worshiping cows or the sun or some other un-Christian figure. But because they are now Islamic, I'm sure they would appreciate if you did not use mail to spread anti-Islamic, Christian, or any non-Islamic propaganda or hate speech. You may use it to heap praise on Muhammad or Allah, or just to send photos of ladies' bare ankles to your friends.

You may not believe it, but speech was probably invented hundreds of thousands of years ago by our ancestors in Africa. I'm sure that those ancestors would appreciate it if you did not use speech to insult or deny their memory by spreading anti-evolution, creationist, or any other non-evolution propaganda or hate speech. You may use it to thank them for having the smarts and foresight to evolve and lay the foundations for human civilisation.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Atheists, shut up and take it! Take it all!

In my last post, we heard from a reader of my site, who did not identify himself as religious, but made a post telling me that nobody cares whether on not I believe in a god, and that to have a website such as this "is a waste of everyones (sic) fucking time".

Now I didn't say so at the time, but I knew that the commenter was definitely a religious person. I'll explain how I knew this later. First, I'm going to post his response. It's so stupid as to be unbelievable, but also exposes the hypocrisy of this person and his type. If you can get through my initial ridiculing of the commenter, there's a real message near the end, I promise.

The commenter's text is in blue, the email he is quoting is in green, and my response is in black:

Your email to me (maybe a generic response for activity on this site):
"it has come to my attention that you are a deeply disturbed, religiously deluded person.

I’m genuinely concerned about your intellectual well-being and want you to know about GodlessBastard.com. Do you want to spend the rest of your pathetic existence wallowing in clinical delusion, cowardice, weakness, gullibility and general intellectual inferiority? Well, you’re doomed to do so unless someone shakes coherence into your malfunctioning gray matter. And I’m here to do just that.

I suggest you start reading my website immediately and forward it to all of the other delusional god-believing people in your life. Being the coward that you are you probably won’t. But remember, GOD has commanded you to protect the faith -- and I’m here to destroy it. Do as you choose, coward.

It’s clear that you love to shove your god-delusion in everyone else’s face, and I think you need a moment of pause for it. Get ready, because here it comes. You can expect updates on a regular basis.

This email address does not receive incoming messages.

~The Godless Bastard"

1. Can you please explain to me why you would call a religious person a a weak, gullible coward with a clinical delusion and general intuectual inferiority?

How can I call you that? Well let's see.... I think the best response is that I neither wrote that email, nor did it come from my website. That's from the Godless Bastard, a great internet atheist, who was the partial inspiration for this site. We call you intellectually inferior because you take an email from one person, and bitch about it to another person. We also wonder why you're harassing multiple atheist websites simultaneously.

2. In my previous post on the Atheists riddle, I would like to know how i shoved God in your face.

I neither wrote that email, nor did it come from my website.

3. Religious shows on TV? Why don't you just change the channel to one of the many quality programs teaching children that violence is the answer to all of their problems. I don't really want to list all of the other shit that rampant on the airwaves because Im sure you could find it by turning on your TV.

Ah ha! There it is! The reinforcement that I need to confirm that I was correct in my initial assessment that you are religious. There are a lot of religious people online telling atheists to shut up. They claim we are somehow disrespecting their opinion by opening our mouths (or keyboards) to object to it, yet they fail to realise all of the thousands of ways that they attempt to force their religious messages onto the rest of us. Only a religious person would come to an atheist site and complain that we're wasting everybody's time, while then telling us to merely change the channel if we don't like the religious shows on TV.

Religious people don't have a leg to stand on. Their arguments have no evidence to back them up, they know it, and all they can do is try to silence those who are willing to call them on it.

4. Are you not shoving your pathetic and lonely views into other's faces the same way that those Christians are "forcing" it down your throat?

I neither wrote that email, nor did it come from my website. But unlike the Christians, who actively come to my door and stuff their flyers into my coat pocket while I'm at work, this is a passive website, which merely sits and waits for visitors to voluntarily arrive. I don't find them, they find me. Atheists have never come to my door to make sure I don't believe. But you jackasses constantly try to shove your imaginary friends down our throats.

So elkoctopus, you came here once with a post that embarrassed yourself because you didn't know what was going on. I called you on it, so you came back and embarrassed yourself more severely, just to make sure you finished the job. This is why we call you religious people intellectually inferior to us. Your ideas are stupid, and quite honestly, you're stupid. You also do further harm to the image of the people of the state of Idaho.

Now please, if you don't like my site, why don't YOU change the fucking channel?!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Does anybody care whether or not I believe in gods?

I haven't posted anything for about 3 weeks, as I was on vacation again and couldn't be bothered to prepare any posts in advance. When I came back, I had this helpful comment on my post about The Atheist's Riddle.

I'll put the anonymous commenter's text in blue, with my comments in black.

His argument is completely invalid.

Yep, it is.

And so is yours in the exact same way...

Gee, thanks Sherlock! You must be a Rhodes Scholar. You think, just possibly, that was the entire point of my response? I was countering his argument in exactly the same way so that he can say it isn't... ah, forget it.

Grow up and live your life.

Live my life? That's funny. You think I do this full-time? I have the best life, and am the happiest person, of anybody I know. I have a Master's degree in science. I have a beautiful girlfriend. I work only about 20 hours a week, and have 14 weeks of vacation a year, which I use to take 3 overseas trips a year. I saw the Great Wall of China, the Great Pyramid and the Taj Mahal, all in one year. It's even funnier, because I was on vacation when you wrote your comment. I was busy rappelling down a waterfall or something. My next vacation is in 10 weeks. After that, it's another 15 weeks. I have a skydiving licence and a scuba diving licence. Best of all, I'm free from things like mortgages, car loans and (most) financial worries.

I'd be happy to hear you tell me about how you live your life so much better than I do.

Nobody cares if you believe in God or not so stop making such a big deal about it.

Really? Nobody cares? Then why did my parents send me to Catholic school? Why did everybody, including even Hulk Hogan, tell me to say my prayers? Why do the fricking Christians keep coming to my door just to make sure that I'm saying my prayers? Why are there all of those Christian shows on TV? Why did they stuff Jesus flyers in my coat pocket when I was at work? Why does Al Qaeda release videos telling me to embrace Islam? Why does this page get about 1,000 views a month (a modest number, but well above my expectations when I started it)?

And more importantly, why is the world currently going through so much shit just because people have different religions? Sherlock, do you think that it's possible that people do care whether or not you believe in (their) gods? I'll make you a deal. You stop the religious TV shows, stop these people from coming to my door, stop the holy wars, and I'll shut down this website.

If you spend your whole life trying to disprove God then you have wasted it.

See above about my awesome life. But more to the point, I am not trying to disprove there are gods, nor have I ever claimed to have done so. Such a thing is impossible, as most gods are based on unfalsifiable claims.

If you are right, and there is no God, then good job... you can say i told you so.

Ummm... no. That's the worst thing about being an atheist. You'll never get to say, "I told you so". The religious people at least have that chance.

If you are wrong, you get to meet the man you spent your life denying.

This god is a man now?

Im not saying there is a God or isn't. Im saying arguing it is a waste of everyones fucking time.

Then why are you posting here?


Oh, you helpfully posted your email address!

Did I forget to say, "Thanks for visiting!"?

Edit: for an update on this idiot, and to see him embarrass himself even worse, check out my next post.