Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fatherly love, insane violence and the clitoris

There is some great reading over at the Atheist Experience blog today.

Check out Tracie's post, in which she explains to a father of a young girl why it can be harmful to raise his daughter in Christianity. A preview is below:

I asked this dad what he would think of a neighbor who each day sat his own kids down and told them, “I think you are all such despicable children that you deserve nothing less than to be beaten without mercy, but since I love you so much, I won’t do that to you, so long as you tell me how truly sorry you are that you’re who and what you are—utterly unworthy.”

Then check this post by Kazim (Russell), responding to a lunatic Christian who tried to argue, among other things, that the clitoris (yes, THAT clitoris) is evidence of the existence of a god. The lunatic Christian then also explains what he would do to people if he thought that his god didn't exist. A preview (written by the insane Christian, not by Russell, just to make that clear) is below:

if i didn't have God to keep me in check i know i would hurt anyone who pissed me off and kill anyone who did anything bad enough for me to want to kill them. and screw the police since i would not care about jail or the death penalty because there is no after-life. right? i'd probably kill myself afterwards anyway just to prevent them from locking me up.

Gotta love Christians! Go religious morality!

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