Monday, February 2, 2009

Is anybody a real Christian?

Yesterday I was asked a question by an associate of mine. He is from a non-religious country, and he doesn't know too many Christians. He asked me why Americans (although I'm sure he was wondering about all Christians) say that they're Christian, but live in a society dominated by greed, without any regard for the commands of the biblical Jesus. Those commands include giving away their money and possessions for the poor, and the deal with the rich not being allowed into heaven.

In my relationship with this particular person, I am not allowed to reveal my true beliefs or to be as harsh as I am on this website, so I answered as honestly and diplomatically as I could. All I could tell him was that these people are not real Christians, and that they pick-and-choose which parts of the Bible they want to believe and follow.

He then asked me if anybody is a real Christian, and again I answered honestly, that nobody is.

It always amazes me that these people can call themselves Christians, yet have stances on capital punishment, money, etc. which are in complete contradiction to those stances taken by the biblical Jesus. They don't even know what it is that they believe and claim they would die for! It would suck to be that messed-up!

Edit: for a follow-up to this post, which is nothing short of miraculous, click here.


tina FCD said...

It sure would suck. :(

Anonymous said...

Though I do think that some Christians contradict the teachings of Christ, it seems dangerous to objectively say that there are NO true Christians. Ever heard of Shane Claiborne? If not, you should check out his book, The Irresistable Revolution. VERY interesting.

Admin said...

No, I hadn't ever heard of that guy. I just read his brief bio on Wikipedia. He sounds like an interesting character.