Sunday, February 8, 2009

Oh... that's just a bad translation.

Whenever the Bible says anything stupid, like its claim that bats are birds, the Christians fall back on a standard excuse.... "That's just a bad translation."

At the same time, they like to state that the Bible is true because it is divinely inspired. This is a terrible case of circular logic, but we'll let it go this time.

My question is, if their god divinely guided the original writers of the Bible to write a book with absolutely no flaws, then why couldn't this same god divinely guide the people who were translating it into English, and make sure that there were no 'bad translations'? Honestly, why not? Is it too lazy? Is it dead? What's the problem? Why did this god go to so much fricking work to make sure humans didn't allow anything flawed into the original texts, then not give a flying fuck when they were translating it into English? It doesn't make any sense at all, but Bible-thumpers are disgracefully bad at thinking.

The Bible would have a lot more credibility, and therefore have many more followers, if it weren't so clearly and obviously flawed.

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