Thursday, February 5, 2009

"There's no such thing as atheists! La la la la, I can't hear you"

Thanks to the Godless Bastard for bringing this to my attention.

I've been intentionally ignoring the whole 'Barack Obama craze' that is sweeping the world. The guy hadn't even done anything yet, but people were totally obsessed. The only thing I was really interested in was the booting out (*cough*) of George W. Bush. Don't let the shoe hit you in the ass on the way out the door, George!

So it seems that I had managed to miss two facts:

1. Obama said in his speech,"We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus, and nonbelievers."

2. Some people got really upset about it.

You can read a news article about it here, but you'll find some excerpts from it below, in blue.

With that one line, the president "seems to be trying to redefine American culture, which is distinctively Christian," said’ Bishop E.W. Jackson of the Exodus Faith Ministries in Chesapeake, Va. "The overwhelming majority of Americans identify as Christians, and what disturbs me is that he seems to be trying to redefine who we are.’"

Jackson says: "Obviously, Jewish heritage is very much a part of Christianity; the Jewish Bible is part of our Bible. But Hindu, Muslim, and nonbelievers? I don't think so. We are not a Muslim nation or a nonbelieving nation."’

The Rev. Cecil Blye, pastor of More Grace Ministries Church in Louisville, Ky., said the president's reference to nonbelievers also set off major alarm bells for him. "It's important to understand the heritage of our country, and it's a Judeo-Christian tradition,"’ period.

According to the poll on the site, which I am aware is not in any way scientific, 27% of respondents were bothered by the line in the speech. So I'm going to say that roughly 1/4 of Americans are in this boat.

This is completely unacceptable for an organisation, Christianity, which is supposed to preach tolerance. In fact, you'll find people all over the internet bragging about how tolerant their religion is, but then you constantly get stuff like this coming up.

Remember that the existence of contrary views is the only thing capable of killing a religion. Gods are made up, ALL of them, and as long as everybody around you believes in the same god, there's no problem. But when more and more people start standing up and ridiculing you for being an adult who believes he has a fairy as an imaginary friend, it gets dangerous. Much like if people would stop clicking on spam emails, it would go away, religion will go away if people stop believing. They have no evidence, of any kind, to back up their assertions. This is why the tactic that religious people use against atheists is to try to silence them. We are their biggest threat, and they know it. Even acknowledging our existence in a public forum is enough to start rocking their unstable boat and unstable brains! Click here and here for previous posts relating to this topic.

One has to wonder if the people who are quoted in this article, and those others who are bothered by Obama's quote, have been asleep for the last few decades. The United States may have been a nation of only Christians at some time in the past (even that is questionable), but things are changing, and have changed. If 80% of the country is Christian, that means 20% is not. According to the article, about 16% of Americans claim to have no religion at all. Even more are likely still in the closet, afraid of repercussions from friends and family if they come out. Yet many people would prefer to go back to the days of George H.W. Bush, who famously was quoted as saying that atheists should not be considered as American citizens.

Wake up call, people! You are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus, and nonbelievers! You are a nation of whites, blacks, browns and yellows! You are a nation of men and women, heterosexuals, gays, transvestites and hermaphrodites! You are a nation of Nobel Prize-winning scientists and scientific illiterates! You are a nation of rich and poor, healthy and disabled! You are a nation of hard-workers and drug-addicted prostitutes! You are a nation of conservatives and liberals, both moderate and extreme, hippies and stoners! You are a nation of philanthropists and mass-murderers, kind hearts and pedophiles!

Do I need to continue, or do you get the idea?


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