Tuesday, February 3, 2009

This guy is a REAL Christian!

It was a mere 30.5 hours ago that I made this post, asking if there was such a thing as a true Christian. I naively said that there wasn't, and so to correct my error, the Lord has acted swiftly to bring me an example of one. I love the way that the Lord always shows me the light when I can only see darkness. The Lord is truly the wind beneath my wings. Glory and power to the Lord!

The story is about a young Mennonite man who was about to inherit a fortune of millions of dollars from a distant, deceased relative. He was so excited, knowing that it truly was a gift from the Lord.

Before he could claim his fortune, there were a few formalities to take care of, documents to sign, etc. Of course, documents and legal services come with fees, which he eagerly paid. He even flew to England to meet the legal team in person. They chose a quaint little meeting place in an alley behind a motel, where he handed them an additional $10,000. You know, standard lawyer stuff.

As the man could not afford to continue paying these fees to claim his inheritance, he began to borrow from friends and family. All together, they paid over $150,000 to claim this fortune.

The young man arranged to meet a man in an airport in New York, who would be carrying the final documents and the money. Then the big day came, and the young man went to the airport. But the man carrying the money did not show up.

He contacted the police. Only then did the young man become aware that he had fallen victim to an email scam. There would be little chance of recovering his money, because these scammers seem to not like using their real names when they meet behind motels.

Now I know what some of you might be thinking.... that this young man deserves ridicule for his apparent stupidity. But shame on you! Shame on you all! He is a true Christian! He followed the word of Jesus, and gave away not only everything he owned, but also everything that his family owned! He and his family truly are blessed, and a special place will be arranged for them in heaven.

On a serious note, this is what happens when you teach blind faith instead of how to think. It is the consequence of teaching that faith is a virtue, when in reality, it is merely the shutting down of one's thinking processes. Is anybody at all surprised that this happened to a hardcore Christian and his entire family? It takes a major bypassing of the intellect to believe in religion, and so this should surprise nobody. You can read the full article here.

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tina FCD said...

I blog with a guy who is scamming the scammers, but not for money, just for fun.