Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Don't respect people who think we're going to hell

**This post has its own little history. When I first wrote it, I thought it might be over the line of decency, even to use as a hypothetical example to make a point. So I asked the Godless Bastard what he thought, and after a few days, even he decided it wasn't appropriate for posting. If you've ever read his page, you'll know that when the Godless Bastard thinks a post has gone over the line, you know you've really gone too far! So I decided to post it with the vulgar and disturbing part omitted. I'll mark the location where the cut was made, and I think you'll get the point without having it there.

I always wonder why, when atheists call Christians stupid, mindless retards, the Christians get upset and say we should respect their religion. Yet they don't seem to see a problem with telling atheists that we deserve the absolute worst thing that can possibly happen to a person (ie. to be tortured forever in their hell), and don't even mind coming and knocking on the doors of our homes just to tell us that.

When challenged with this line of thinking, Christians have been known to respond along the lines of, "Why would you be offended if you don't believe in hell anyway?"

The thing that they don't understand is that it doesn't matter whether or not we believe in it. THEY DO BELIEVE IN IT, and so they are insulting us in the most serious way they know how, by telling us that we are so worthless that we deserve to go to the same place as the worst human beings who have ever lived. Shouldn't we be pissed off that they have this opinion of us? Do they deserve our respect and thanks for letting us know?

If they still fail to understand, I've written a little story to try to communicate what it feels like. The story begins with you knocking on the Christian's door. Once the door opens, you begin to talk.....

"Hello. Oh, what a beautiful little daughter you have there. I just came to your door to let you know that you're a terrible person, and deserve nothing but the worst. In order to punish you, I decided to take action against those that you love.

Last night, I broke into your home and went to your daughter's room.

(highly offensive material removed)

I made sure she knew that it happened to her because her father is a scumbag. As I walked out, I took all of the change from her piggy bank as a gratuity for my excellent servicing of her."

Now the father probably doesn't believe a word of this story, so he shouldn't be offended, right Christians? RIGHT?

Feel free to change the story, based on whether or not this person has a young son or daughter, or any other vulnerable loved ones, such as a disabled wife or elderly mother, that you could use to really make it sting.

The point is that whatever outrageous story I can come up with here is not as bad as what the Christians believe will happen to me after I die. No story I can write could be as vicious as eternal torture by a supernatural, expert pain-bringer. "You're going to go to hell" is just another way of saying, "You deserve only the worst! You're less than shit!"

So atheists, the next time a Christian tells you that you're going to hell, maybe you should tell them to go fuck themselves!


Anonymous said...

so i thought about this a bit, and it seemed a bit wordy if you want to explain this to a christian who's just told you you're "going to hell." i think a better reply would be to say something along the lines of "Well, I believe that after you die, you're going to be gangraped by gay unicorns." if they take offense to this, explain how their hell is even worse than your scenario and hopefully it sinks in a little (it won't, but to any bystanders you'll have won :0)

Anonymous said...

God damn, boy! Your balls are bigger than mine. I bow to thee. Really, I do.

Anonymous said...

Oh, wait. I just saw that you cleaned it up. I still bow, but just not as much. 8-)

FYI, to everyone else, the part he removed was VERY graphic and too over the top even for ME! But his point is SO on the money.

Charles said...

I don't think that the appropriate response to a comment such as (your an evil person and thus going to hell) is to stoop to their level, the appropriate response is to take the high road and provide an example.

Charles said...

Err 'be an example'

Ogdred said...

I don't really mind being told that I'm going to Hell. You might as well tell me I'm going to the Land of Oz.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I would respond: Thank you, from what I've heard that place is swell for atheists. Rape and pillage poor BAD Christians for an eternity. Are you sure you are not without sin? Would love to see you there. Can't wait actually...