Sunday, April 26, 2009

Who to turn to?

Isn't it nice to know that at a time like now, when a potentially pandemic flu virus is spreading, that the world is turning to biological scientists for information and plans, rather than turning to ridiculous 'holy' books?

How does that make you backwards, religious types feel? These scientists are the same people you heap scorn upon because the Universe doesn't seem to mesh with your fictional, ancient books. When the time of need comes, the people in charge don't want your religious guidance or theological debate. They want things like genetic analysis and models of virus transmission in populations, both of which biology can provide. Seems the world isn't too interested in what your religious positions are, despite your claims about how many answers you have.

But if you're so inclined, do leave a comment and tell us your opinion about why your magic buddy(ies) made this new virus. I'd love to have a laugh at your expense.


Charles said...

I don't really think religion has claimed to give an answer to things like diseases, not for a very long time. Also, did you see my response to your (agnosticism) post?

Admin said...

Charles, many religious people do claim to offer an answer to disease, even today. They're the fundamentalist-creationist types, and this post directed at them, not at the moderates.

Have you seen the videos by individuals on YouTube, or statements made by religious 'leaders' on TV? In their attacks on evolution, they mock and insult biological scientists. They make claims such as, "All the answers are in the Bible", "Disease was created to punish us", or "The Bible is the most scientifically advanced book ever written, and is years ahead of its time." The point of my post is that while society might humour these people and their little beliefs, when it really becomes showtime, they turn to science for answers. In this case, those are the same biological scientists that the creationists ridicule on a regular basis. So I'm wondering how it feels for these religious types to be left in the dust, while they continue to bitch about how science isn't the best way to learn things. Reasonable people know that science is our best hope for answers, and they brush these religious whiners aside. Their books don't seem to offer us any useful answers or advice at all, which is why the scientific journal has become the worldwide standard for communication of knowledge of nature.

(Yes, I did see the agnosticism post. It was an angle I haven't heard before, and I'll respond to it later, now that you've asked me about it.)

Unknown said...

Yes, it really riles me when i read about pastors cautioning their attendants not to touch each other, not to share "holy" water etc...because they know and have seen evidence that it is germs and not homosexuality(for example) the brings disease on humanity. The hypocrisy is unbelievable and I personally find it insufferable.

Pinkydead said...

I was at a funeral the other day and I always find it strange how deeply religious people get so upset that someone has died. You would think that they would be delighted.

I often think that while they talk of god and jesus and eternal life - that they don't really believe it.

Anonymous said...

I think Bill Maher had it right.

"And finally, New Rule: Since viruses, like swine flu, get to be potentially deadly because they "evolved," if you don't believe in evolution and you get it, you have to pray it away.

You can't crap all over Darwin and stem cell research and global warming and then come crawling back to science when you want Tamiflu. That's for us sinners."