Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Why is YOUR religion NOT ridiculous?

I was debating a YouTube creationist, and the guy/girl (I honestly don't know which, as the person never appears in their videos, but I'll just use male pronouns for this post) was making the ridiculous leap of assuming HIS god once he believes he's established that a god exists. I've posted on this topic before, and consider it to be the most serious logical failure of religious people. So I asked him why it couldn't mean that Vishnu created everything. He responded mockingly, "Really? A smart guy like you, asking that question?" I pushed the issue, and asked again, why it couldn't have been Vishnu. He literally had no answer, and changed the topic without answering my question.

Religious people are notoriously bad at acknowledging the possibility of other religions, and Christians in particular often set up false dichotomies where only atheism or Jesus could be the truth. They often ridicule other religions, without realising that followers of those other religions are mocking theirs at the same time. So I ask religious readers this question:

"What makes your religion less ridiculous than all of the other religions in the world that you might scoff at?"

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Anonymous said...

Bill Maher asked himself the exact same question and came up with this witty documentary named "Religulous".

Pretty fun to watch.

Anonymous said...

For me, being a Christian, it comes down to whether or not Jesus truly was what he claimed to be. Did he really have a bodily resurrection? Was he the Son of God.

I would recommend looking into a couple of books to get proper answers. First, The Resurrection of the Son of God. This book was written by N.T. Wright a top historian of this age. It deals with, obviously, the Resurrection.

Second, Richard Baukham's book, Jesus and the Eyewitnesses. Baukham is another leading historian. In the book, he argues that the Gospels were eyewitness testimonies. In fact, the book is so ground braking, I've heard that scholars are ignoring it right now because everybody knows that it is spot on.

Anyway, you probably won't look into these books. I just thought that you should know that there are numerous books that write on this topic. Do not be insult religion until you have properly studied what the theologians have actually written. Otherwise you get nothing more than strawman arguments.

As for the comment above. Maher is not at all intelligent in his approach in 'Religulous'. I was deeply disturbed by who he interviewed. If he takes the subject serious enough, he wouldn't interview a trucker church on the complex topic of apologetics. And sure, he did interview Francis Collins. However, he is a scientist and their interview was on history. Really? If Maher wants answers he should have interviewed Alvin Plantinga, Timothy Keller, Ravi Zacharias, Peter Kreeft, William Lane Craig, N.T. Wright, Richard Baukham,... or countless others. In the end the movie was nothing more than a mockumentary that was not intelligent in any real way.

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"I've heard that scholars are ignoring it right now because everybody knows that it is spot on."

Maybe anonymous 2 is a Poe?

Anonymous said...

To the second anonymous poster, you assume this person hasn't read any or all of those? In my experience, people are often more educated in the religion they most disagree with. Does the book dealing with the resurrection mention the record of the resurrection happened about a century away from the time Rome has recorded crucifying a man named Jesus. Does it mention there is an extremely similar resurrection story about Apollonious(I can't remember how to spell that)? This blog post was about how religions tend to ignore the fact that proving there's a god, doesn't mean it's their god. And about how people claim other religions ridiculous, but really, true or not, their own tend to be a bit ridiculous as well. I mean, I can tell you're Christian, whether your God is real or not, how plausible would it be to another person if you told them 'God made everything in six days, made a day for rest, made a man out of nothing, and the woman from nothing, or the guys rib, see, our religion has both versions, and we're not supposed to kill, even though God says to kill disobedient children, female non-virgins, and tells Amaleck to kill a family and their innocent baby, and plenty of other equally odd things,' true in your belief or not, if you were the only one who believed it, and you tried to make someone else believe it, you'd go to a asylum. You seem polite, but you also seem something I notice almost everyone I meet is nowadays, ignorant.

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