Sunday, June 21, 2009

Intelligent Design and the Two Courts

I'm a big fan of You-Tube user, Thunderf00t's, video series, Why Do People Laugh At Creationists? There are currently 30 videos in the series, but it's the latest one that I think is a real gem. The videos often use scientific knowledge to contradict the teachings of biblical creationists, the problem being that any good, shit-for-brains, biblical creationist will merely reject any scientific knowledge presented as being flawed. But Episode 30 in the series is a bit different because it catches a member of the Discovery Institute in his own web of lies, in such an obvious way that even creationists, in their limited mental capacities, should see it.

The video focuses on one particular twit, Casey Luskin. Now to Casey's credit, he doesn't appear to be a young-Earth creationist, as he has published at least one paper on orthodox geology, according to the video. Yet it's in Casey's other role, arguing for the inclusion of intelligent design into school classrooms, that he earns his shame.

At the beginning of the video, Casey is shown accusing "Darwinists" of an unwarranted conspiracy to tie together creationism and intelligent design, in order for it to be rejected from schools as the teaching of religion. He says that intelligent design is "agnostic" on the topic of the source of this intelligence. Later on in the video, he is shown arguing, through his various writings, that the intelligent design movement does, in fact, believe that the Christian god is the creator, and encourages young people to start groups which believe just that. He even uses the terms 'intelligent design' and 'creationism' interchangeably.

The video is quite good, and leaves absolutely no reasonable way out for Luskin, who has been caught in his lies and two-faced strategy. On the one hand, when trying to court the religious to support his cause, he claims outright that the Christian god did it. But on the other hand, when it comes time to go to court to argue that intelligent design should be in classrooms, he turns around and argues that intelligent design makes no such claim, and that it is entirely different from biblical creationism.

Once again, the lies and lack of moral integrity of the Christian god's followers have been exposed. And once again, the religious fall flat on their face while nipping at the heels of science like the little bitches that they are.

The full video is below:

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