Friday, July 31, 2009

Why I post anonymously

Some readers might be wondering why I make this website anonymously. I don't use even my first name, include any photos of myself, or exact information about where I live, etc.

There are 3 reasons:

1. I could lose my job.

I work in what is officially a Christian workplace. It's not a problem that I'm an atheist, as the vast majority of the staff are not Christian, but that doesn't mean that I should be caught making a website that treats religion so harshly.

2. To protect the innocent.

If people don't know who I am, then they can't identify the friends, family members and co-workers that I post about. I wouldn't want my family to identify themselves in any of the stories, should they happen to find the site.

3. I'm scared of religious people.

It's true. Religious people are dangerous. They've shown what lengths they'll go to to silence dissenters, including physical violence and harassment. I'd prefer not to have some psycho track me down.

Monday, July 27, 2009

No credit and no responsibility

As this is being posted, I have already left for my summer vacation. I'll be away for a month, but have made sure that some posts will be made while I'm gone, thanks to the site's ability to delay posts. As we'll learn in this post, I have Allah to thank for this feature.

So I was digging through my travel stuff in preparation, and found this Muslim prayer card that I got on the plane on my last trip. It contains a prayer that good Muslims are supposed to say when traveling in a vehicle. I'm not going to type all of it, but it begins with the following:

"Allah is the greatest, Allah is the greatest, Allah is the greatest. How perfect he is, the one who placed this plane at our service, and we ourselves would not have been capable of that...."

Do you know where this post is going? As a person who has a degree in aerospace engineering, I find this sad and insulting. Did nobody think to say thanks to the people who worked hard to design the plane? The workers who assembled it? What about the mechanics who maintain it? The pilots who fly it? The flight crew who are trained to make sure that everybody will get out safely in case of incident (eg. Air France in Toronto or Hudson River landing)? I'm pretty sure all of these people are real. I can go and meet any one of them. But instead, they'd prefer to give all of the credit to an imaginary being! None whatsoever to any of the real people who worked to make the flight happen. And to say that we wouldn't be capable of doing any of this without their invisible buddy? You stupid fucks!

It's a theme common to many religious people, no matter what their exact beliefs. That is that they are unable to take credit for anything they've done well, nor are they able to take responsibility for anything they've done wrong. What a sad life that must be. What a waste of a human intellect. I do feel some pity, but since it's their own damn fault, not too much.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Eclipse... run!

Across India, even in regions where the eclipse was not visible, pregnant women were advised to stay indoors in curtained rooms over a belief that the sun's invisible rays would harm the fetus and the baby would be born with disfigurations, birthmarks or a congenital defect.

Krati Jain, a software professional in New Delhi, said she planned to take a day off from work Wednesday to avoid what she called "any ill effects of the eclipse on my baby."

"My mother and aunts have called and told me stay in a darkened room with the curtains closed, lie in bed and chant prayers," said Jain, 24, who is expecting her first child.

That's what religion is best at, creating fear. Poor fools. Missing one of nature's great spectacles because of ignorance and religious (insert chain of expletives here). A once-in-a-lifetime (for them, anyway) chance ruined. It's funny that the article calls her a 'software professional', yet she lives in the 4th century.

I saw a total eclipse in 2002 in Ceduna, Australia. We almost got clouded out, but 5 minutes before the eclipse reached totality, a hole in the clouds opened. It then closed up about 1 minute after. The clouds actually helped a little by providing cover, so we were able to watch the eclipse before it reached totality, without hurting our eyes.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Why not protest medical research?

Why don't biblical creationists protest at medical research facilities? If illness and disease were punishment for our crimes (even including the poor animals, who were punished for our deeds), then isn't working to prevent or treat such maladies an attack on the will and justice of their god? Aren't we indirectly battling it by trying to keep ourselves healthy? Shouldn't we just stop all research, and take our punishment like men? It's sort of like attempting a jailbreak, isn't it? Or aren't we trying to become gods ourselves by learning to control disease?

Why don't you ignorant losers take your arguments to the world's leading medical facilities? Something tells me you're actually thankful that these places exist. It's just another way you worthless fools feed off of the progress scientific (including biological) research provides for us, while constantly attacking it in the public sphere. In fact, I'd like to see all of you refuse any treatment for medical conditions, other than praying. That would solve the problem really quickly. But please, spare your children who are not old enough to rationally decide what's best for them. They deserve the best care until the time they're able to make up their own minds.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Reasons for not killing people

The atheist says:

"You shouldn't kill people, because everybody has a right to life. They only get once chance at life, and if you kill them, that chance is over, forever. Their lives are just as important as yours, and they have the same rights as you do. It is counterproductive to our society to harm each other, as only cooperation can allow our species to survive. Also, you wouldn't want somebody killing you, would you? Then show the same respect to others."

The Christian says:

"If you kill people, they will go to a wonderful place to live in paradise. However, you will be seen by my god. It will get angry, and send you to a terrible place to be tortured forever. I cannot prove that this place exists, but you can trust me, because I know. There is a way out, however. If you kill people, you can save yourself by accepting Jesus as your lord and savior. That will make everything all better, and then you can go to the wonderful place to live in paradise, too."

(and just for fun) The Islamic fundamentalist says:

"Kill them all, and you will get virgins!"

Is it really any wonder that super-atheist Japan has a murder rate between one-sixth and one-ninth that of the super-Christian USA? (If you're a good Christian, you'll reject these statistics as meaningless, and continue to ignore the rest of the world when arguing that Christianity leads to low crime rates, while lack of Christianity leads to violent chaos.)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The biblical god stoned me!

I read an article today about the oldest known Christian Bible (that is, with New Testament included), being posted online. According to the article, the book is missing some passages found in today's Bible, which doesn't surprise me. This will hopefully aid in exposing the fraud that is the Bible. Anyway, this isn't the main reason for this post.

The manuscript was discovered in St. Catharine's Monastery in Sinai, Egypt, which is located at the foot of Mt. Sinai. I visited the monastery on New Year's Day a couple of years ago, after walking to the top of the mountain. They had this bush on the grounds that it is said to be a descendant of the burning bush from the Bible, which gave the 10 Commandments to Moses.

Any fan of the TV show, Arrested Development, should remember the scene in season 3 when Gob is in Iraq and starts a riot when he tries to do a magic trick involving a burning bush, but the Iraqis start chanting "Burn Bush! Burn Bush!", complete with flaming effigies of that dumbass. So I stared at this bush in the monastery and started chanting "Burn Bush! Burn Bush!" I also thought it was pretty silly to worship what is believed to be a descendant of the real (*cough*) burning bush, which is located at what is believed to be the Mt. Sinai from the Bible (my understanding is that the jury is out on whether or not it is the correct mountain). So I began mocking that, too.

Just then, a bunch of rocks and dirt came out of the sky and landed on my head! I looked up, and saw nothing. Was the biblical god punishing me for my disrespect? Had I angered this ogre, who hasn't appeared in public in thousands of years, causing it to attack? Believers would say so, and would stop their investigation there, citing their faith as sufficient for explanation. I however, decided to investigate further. I took the extraordinarily time-consuming step of looking up, again! What did I see? I saw the head of a bearded monk peering at me from on top of the wall next to me. What was the explanation? A believer would argue that the monk had heard rumours of his god throwing rocks and dirt at an infidel, and had come to watch the smiting-in-progress. Personally, I think the monk threw rocks and dirt at my head. It just seems like the simplest explanation. I wonder if he spoke English, and understood what I was saying. Perhaps he thought I was an adulterer, and was stoning me as the Bible commands. Or maybe he was just a jerk who liked to throw rocks and dirt at tourists.

What do YOU think?

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Win a lifetime of stupidity and gullibility!

This is funny. A game show in Turkey is going to have representatives of different religions compete to convert atheists to their faith. Check it out here.

The article says that the show "aims to turn disbelievers on to god". That's pretty funny, considering that they have a Buddhist monk on the show. I guess they don't give him much respect or chance of success. Probably just like the token minority on western TV shows. It's also funny because exposure to different religions is exactly what turned me into an atheist. By watching the religions all simultaneously claim the truth, (I'd like to think) anybody with half a brain would realise that they're all bullshit. I'll bet this show does a fair amount of damage to people's beliefs, and ends up being counter-productive.