Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Eclipse... run!

Across India, even in regions where the eclipse was not visible, pregnant women were advised to stay indoors in curtained rooms over a belief that the sun's invisible rays would harm the fetus and the baby would be born with disfigurations, birthmarks or a congenital defect.

Krati Jain, a software professional in New Delhi, said she planned to take a day off from work Wednesday to avoid what she called "any ill effects of the eclipse on my baby."

"My mother and aunts have called and told me stay in a darkened room with the curtains closed, lie in bed and chant prayers," said Jain, 24, who is expecting her first child.

That's what religion is best at, creating fear. Poor fools. Missing one of nature's great spectacles because of ignorance and religious (insert chain of expletives here). A once-in-a-lifetime (for them, anyway) chance ruined. It's funny that the article calls her a 'software professional', yet she lives in the 4th century.

I saw a total eclipse in 2002 in Ceduna, Australia. We almost got clouded out, but 5 minutes before the eclipse reached totality, a hole in the clouds opened. It then closed up about 1 minute after. The clouds actually helped a little by providing cover, so we were able to watch the eclipse before it reached totality, without hurting our eyes.

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