Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Happy birthday, Atheist Propaganda!

It's now been 1 year since I began this site. I started it just as a place for me to vent, and remember being pretty surprised when I first saw that I was actually getting visitors. I'm flattered that people are interested in what I write.

Anyway, I've collected some of my favourite posts from the first year of the site, and listed them here:

Prayers for Madeline McCann - the site's first post
What's with the quote at the top of the blog?
The most serious failure
For my next trick, I will pull a statistical probability out of my ass!
The Atheist Bible - Authoritative Book of Atheism, 1st Edition
Science is not a democracy, so shut up!
The pope doesn't like knowledge either
The Atheist's Riddle... Oh no, I'm so scared! - my most popular post
Scientific proof vs. 'religious proof'
My embarrassing fantasies
Is the problem merely lack of awareness of the world?
Believers are closed-minded and dumb
Questions biblical creationists can't answer without making me laugh
Isn't science great?
We came from rocks?
Your imaginary friend won't heal them, so we have to try!
Oh... that's just a bad translation
I don't respect your insanity
Don't respect people who think we're going to hell
The Atheist's Riddle revisited
How many of my atheist readers are rapists?

Thanks to everybody who has visited the site!

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tina FCD said...

You're welcome! I like having the list, checking them out later.