Thursday, July 16, 2009

Reasons for not killing people

The atheist says:

"You shouldn't kill people, because everybody has a right to life. They only get once chance at life, and if you kill them, that chance is over, forever. Their lives are just as important as yours, and they have the same rights as you do. It is counterproductive to our society to harm each other, as only cooperation can allow our species to survive. Also, you wouldn't want somebody killing you, would you? Then show the same respect to others."

The Christian says:

"If you kill people, they will go to a wonderful place to live in paradise. However, you will be seen by my god. It will get angry, and send you to a terrible place to be tortured forever. I cannot prove that this place exists, but you can trust me, because I know. There is a way out, however. If you kill people, you can save yourself by accepting Jesus as your lord and savior. That will make everything all better, and then you can go to the wonderful place to live in paradise, too."

(and just for fun) The Islamic fundamentalist says:

"Kill them all, and you will get virgins!"

Is it really any wonder that super-atheist Japan has a murder rate between one-sixth and one-ninth that of the super-Christian USA? (If you're a good Christian, you'll reject these statistics as meaningless, and continue to ignore the rest of the world when arguing that Christianity leads to low crime rates, while lack of Christianity leads to violent chaos.)


mihai said...


I'm an Atheist to, I agree with most I have read in your blog.

But I find this interesting:
What do you think?

Admin said...

Mihai, sorry for my late response, but I was on vacation.

Japan seems to have about double the suicide rate of the US and Canada, which in turn has about double the suicide rate of the UK.

I think that all societies have problems, with some having more serious problems than others. Japan's suicide rate is probably brought on by social pressures to succeed. I hear this stuff about how suicide is seen as an honourable exit when one has failed or done wrong, but I really don't know.