Friday, July 31, 2009

Why I post anonymously

Some readers might be wondering why I make this website anonymously. I don't use even my first name, include any photos of myself, or exact information about where I live, etc.

There are 3 reasons:

1. I could lose my job.

I work in what is officially a Christian workplace. It's not a problem that I'm an atheist, as the vast majority of the staff are not Christian, but that doesn't mean that I should be caught making a website that treats religion so harshly.

2. To protect the innocent.

If people don't know who I am, then they can't identify the friends, family members and co-workers that I post about. I wouldn't want my family to identify themselves in any of the stories, should they happen to find the site.

3. I'm scared of religious people.

It's true. Religious people are dangerous. They've shown what lengths they'll go to to silence dissenters, including physical violence and harassment. I'd prefer not to have some psycho track me down.


Pinkydead said...

That's strange...

Recently I decided that I'd stop being anonymous. That doesn't mean I'm taking out billboard ads - I'm just not actively keeping two separate identies.

I'm keeping my screenname though - cos it makes for a really cool avatar.

However, what you're saying is 100%. It works for Batman, it works for Superman, it works for you.

I have a dream, though, that one day, you will scream 'I AM ADMIN' from the rooftops - and on that day you will at last be free. And then you'll probably be locked up for being a loony.

tina FCD said...

I'm kind of on the fence with this.

My son started telling family on another site that I was on there too, and did I want to be "friends" with them...kind of hooking up the family members so to speak. Aw oh!
I wasn't too happy with him. Now I have a problem. Do I set my blog to private or just sit back and watch the fireworks? :)

ReaL FlamE said...

I respect that.

It IS risky for an atheist to voice his opinions and views in most conservative societies of the world.

And even in the online world, its problematic and dangerous.

As you said, religious zealots can go to great lengths acting on self-righteousness to silence their ''enemies''.

Laura said...

I don't blame you! I don't blog anonymously, but I change a lot of names and keep my blog away from facebook where people I actually know in real life could find it. I only put links that lead to my last name in it last week, and that was just because people were finding me based on some writing I did for another site that I had linked, and I realized it didn't really matter.

Christians don't really know what to do with me and my experiences, so I don't think there's any danger there.

I write a lot about custody issues, though, and am a bit paranoid that he'll find out. I am just very careful about what I say.

As far as jobs go, I am screwed anyways. :D

Anyways, just found your blog this morning. Enjoying it so far!