Monday, July 20, 2009

Why not protest medical research?

Why don't biblical creationists protest at medical research facilities? If illness and disease were punishment for our crimes (even including the poor animals, who were punished for our deeds), then isn't working to prevent or treat such maladies an attack on the will and justice of their god? Aren't we indirectly battling it by trying to keep ourselves healthy? Shouldn't we just stop all research, and take our punishment like men? It's sort of like attempting a jailbreak, isn't it? Or aren't we trying to become gods ourselves by learning to control disease?

Why don't you ignorant losers take your arguments to the world's leading medical facilities? Something tells me you're actually thankful that these places exist. It's just another way you worthless fools feed off of the progress scientific (including biological) research provides for us, while constantly attacking it in the public sphere. In fact, I'd like to see all of you refuse any treatment for medical conditions, other than praying. That would solve the problem really quickly. But please, spare your children who are not old enough to rationally decide what's best for them. They deserve the best care until the time they're able to make up their own minds.


Freedom Where? said...

It's kind of ironic due to the fact that where I live we have a local involving parents refusing medical care and relying on faith healing of their 15 month old daughter. The church Followers of Christ shuns modern medicine and their daughter died of treatable pneumonia.

They were eventually found not guilty of manslaughter because they believed "god" was healing her illness and even had 200 other church members come to their house to help rub oil on her and pray for her recovery. No one called a doctor.

Turned out the church required all members of the congregation to pay $5000 each to assist with legal bills even if they had to take out a personal loan. Disgusting isn't it? All and all our legal system took a 300-year step backwards.

The church's cemetery has a disproportionate number of graves for children who never had medical care. I also like the pictures of the child's mother wearing full make up which I'm sure was tested by..... DOCTORS!!!!

Sad days indeed.

Feki said...

In case you haven't watched this already, there is a two part documentary by Richard Dawkins called The Root of All Evil. I particularly enjoyed the second part which deals with the crime of polluting children's minds with religion and the false sense that they must have the same beliefs as their parents even before they learn how to read.

Imposing "faith" is already a terrible thing, but denying medical attention to children should be considered a major offense regardless of any wacky religious context these people want to argue.

I mean, what if their god told them the opposite? e.g: that it was ok to conduct medical experiments on children? Would the legal system be as forgiving?