Saturday, July 4, 2009

Win a lifetime of stupidity and gullibility!

This is funny. A game show in Turkey is going to have representatives of different religions compete to convert atheists to their faith. Check it out here.

The article says that the show "aims to turn disbelievers on to god". That's pretty funny, considering that they have a Buddhist monk on the show. I guess they don't give him much respect or chance of success. Probably just like the token minority on western TV shows. It's also funny because exposure to different religions is exactly what turned me into an atheist. By watching the religions all simultaneously claim the truth, (I'd like to think) anybody with half a brain would realise that they're all bullshit. I'll bet this show does a fair amount of damage to people's beliefs, and ends up being counter-productive.


foodmetaphors said...

Let's hope your last sentence is entirely true!

El Libro de Lucien said...

How do we apply as contestants??!!!

FV said...

Wait... this turkish network seems to have neglected satanists! what kind of biased television is this?
I mean, atheists could just as easily be insterested in such a colorful underdog who, btw, is said to have horns, red skin and awesome goat-like feet - yet does not seem to suffer from multiple personality disorder.

Anyway, maybe they'll use him for the second season... he'd make for a cool imaginary friend too :)

Unknown said...

I will gladly convert myself to any religion that gives me 3 million U.S. dollars (or Euros), a brand new armoured Mercedes and a harem with beautiful teen girls.

And a Harley Davidson with sidecar.

And a yacht, and a nice apartment in a building with gym, swimmning pool, 24 hours security and air conditioning

And I am agnostic,

I would gladly convert to buddhist, christian, muslim,mormon,greco roman politeism, satanic, hindu, animist,jew,voodoo or any religion. Even I would become rastafari or pastafari or worshipper of Tony Blair and Jimmy Swaggart or Madonna or the Agha Khan