Wednesday, September 23, 2009

CNN Survey

Today's survey on's international website is, "Do you believe in God?" The results so far are surprising to me. Out of over 29,000 votes, 65% say, No. I'm not sure if this is because Muslims would answer that they believe in Allah, not God, but oh well.

Vote by clicking here and scroll down to the survey. (Edit: the poll is gone now)

(Another edit: A reader commented that the results were due to an organised effort by readers of at least one other atheist blog to vote in large numbers. For me to not mention that in the main post would be dishonest.)


Anonymous said...

Accidently I saw your blog under "Atheist". I want to share with you this!

I have a few Atheists (Actually 4 or 5 only, 2 are with PhD very educated), friends who I call them " Sweet Atheriest", Just do not beleive in any religion also not attacking, mocking to any others religion. I would call them "happy Atheists"!! Just not beleive in any Gods which is real meaning of Atheists!!

After reading your blog, you do have more negative than positive! Sound to me your thinking of you been an Atheist is the best of all.

The pole that you mention about CNN is ok for me True or not, I do not care but find out on this earth how many believers (any religious), and how many Atheists!

Befair! yes there are good Muslims and bad musilims so does Christians, Buddish, Hindu.....

Sweet Atheists or Ugly Atheists, you should see more on this point!

By the way you blog is interesting.

Admin said...

When we live in a society in which nobody comes to my door to try to force their religion on me, or tries to force religion into politics, then I'll become the 'sweet atheist'.

wBouzane said...

The poll was "Pharyngulated" by readers of PZ Myers blog.

Admin said...

Thanks for the tip. It does appear that his blog contributed more than mine did :-)

Charles said...

Hey. I was wondering. Can you do a post on charity? I've had this argument with my (religious) girlfriend many times but have yet to win it. She argues that most of the 'very bad' religious events in history really had more to do with non-religious things such as politics or discrimination. Fine and dandy, no problem with that. But then she goes on to argue that the major force of charity - what we would call nonprofit organizations today - is and has always been religious in nature. /That/ I don't really have an argument for.

Admin said...

Charles, I'm no expert on charities or anything, but I think I can write something about that. Look for it in the next couple of weeks. I can try to write it this weekend, but I often delay the publication of posts to spread them out.

A short preview is that the post would contain at least 4 points:

1. That a lot of charities are indeed religious, but some of the biggest and most famous ones aren't. Some examples are the World Wildlife Fund, Doctors Without Borders, and the Red Cross (despite its logo, I'm pretty sure it is secular).

2. Many religious people would probably do good things even without religion, because they're just charitable people.

3. Atheists don't organise together on nearly the level that the religious do.

4. That politics and discrimination often have a large religious component as their justification, and that any argument about how bad things couldn't have been caused by religion, but were merely using religion as a cover, is unfalsifiable, and therefore worthless. It's Ray Comfort's "no true Christian would become an atheist, so those people clearly weren't Christians", or "every sane person has a conscience given by a god, so anybody without the same conscience as me is insane".

Also, your comment seems to tie in with a pair of posts I intend to write very soon on genocide and its 'connection' to atheism.

As another note, good luck with religious girlfriend..... I hope your relationship could withstand it if you did win :-)

Charles said...

Hmm, some good points, thanks. And yeah, I'm taking the...long view. My first step was to introduce her to the Daily Show...

Charles said...

Its not even that I mind religion, like you do. I mean, I have beliefs myself, its just that, in terms of functionality within the world, my beliefs are equivalent to atheism. The main long-term problem is what do we do if/when we get married and have kids....otherwise we probably wouldn't bring religion up.

Admin said...

Charles, I've scheduled the post for October 11th. If you'd like to see the text before that, use the contact link at the top-left of the page to mail me and ask for it.