Friday, October 9, 2009

A fake, you say?

So the famous Shroud of Turin, thought by a whole lot of Christian believers to be the actual burial cloth of their not-yet-demonstrated-to-even-have-existed saviour, has taken another blow.

It had already been carbon-dated by scientists and shown to have originated closer to our time than to the time of the supposed Jesus. They concluded it was a Medieval forgery. Believers argued that the tests were wrong, and that the image on it could not have been created through any means known to man, especially at that time.

I once saw a TV show on crop circles in the UK. The believers said that there was no way a crop circle like that could have been made by humans, it was too perfect. Some 'experts' agreed with this analysis. Then the program showed two men who claimed to be the pranksters who made the circles. They demonstrated how, using some wood and ropes, they could make the circles in just a few hours. That was enough time to get into the fields after dark and out before sunrise, leaving a 'mysterious' crop circle.

So what do we have in the case of the shroud? A scientist now claims to have made a full-scale reproduction of the shroud, using some fairly simple techniques and materials. Click here to read the article.

Whether or not this turns out to be legitimate, I can't say at this time. If confirmed (science tends to like to actually confirm things, unlike religion), it is just another embarrassment to the religious. Time and time again, they come out with their argument from ignorance that science can't explain this, and science can't explain that. And time and time again, given a little patience, science comes up with an answer. Why haven't these idiots learned their lesson yet? What the fuck is wrong with them?

If you're keeping score, it's now:

Science 1,453,390,446,128 Religion: 0

*It could be argued that just because this image can be reproduced, doesn't mean that the original was made in the same way. That is a fair argument. But it has now been shown that it is at least possible to reproduce the image, and so the argument that it can't be reproduced should be thrown away. Until the religious can actually provide some proof instead of just bitching about the results from science, guess who wins?


Jim said...

They did a show on this on either the Discovery Channel or the History Channel. They showed their carbon dating techniques and then reproduced the shroud to produce the same image. The only difference was obviously the age.

It's sad when you have to believe in fake relics to gain support for your cause.

Rayman said...

I remember reading about the Shroud's early history. What's great is that the Catholic Church itself refused to state it was "genuine". The best that it did early on was call it an "inspirational work of art" or something similar. It was only later that people started to claim it was "genuine", while the earliest owners made no such claim.

This whole thing could have been avoided if people had kept the original story that it's a work of art.

Lost 2012 said...

Yes, the Circlemakers team who used to go by Satan's Team do create some crop circles for payment. (How appropriate.) Advertising income must be lovely, but not as lovely as when the television filmers come a calling. Over 90% of crop circles world wide are real and scientifically proven as such.

Admin said...

"Over 90% of crop circles world wide are real and scientifically proven as such."

I'd like you to back up that statement. Go ahead. Show me the scientific paper that was peer-reviewed and published in a journal that states that over 90% of crop circles are genuinely created by aliens.

Judging by your choice of name, with '2012' in it, I'd say you're one of those tinfoil-hat-wearing doomsdayers? Is that right?

Jim said...

Over 90% are real? Are you stupid?

Check out the link:

Several quotes:

"There is no compelling evidence that crop circles are anything but man-made hoaxes or works of art."

"Doug Bower and Dave Chorley claimed to have started the crop circle phenomenon in 1978 and were awarded an Ig Nobel Prize in 1992 for their crop circle hoaxing."

Amazingly, on the whole page, it says nothing about 90% of them being unexplained. Rather, it states that 100% are produced by humans.

And that was about 5 minutes of research. You're an idiot.

Admin said...

Jim, click the guy's link and check his website! You'll be a believer too!

What a clown.

Admin said...

Jim, from his website:

"I thought that this missing planet Niburu was just a bunch of crazy people’s idea. That is until I learned about what is going on with the poles of Earth. Some unknown and extremely powerful force beyond our solar system is actually causing the ground mass around the North and South Poles to be pushed in. Not only that, this is making the shape of the equator become noticeably altered. Don’t think that this is just a bunch of Star Wars crazed loonies dreamed up tales. NASA has published their report about this and their fears of what it could do to life on Earth if the pressure doesn’t start letting up. They are convinced that it could do away with gravity on our planet."

Aren't you scared? Wow, what is this guy going to do when we get to 2013 with no end of the world? I think he'll actually be disappointed! Or he might claim that we just miscalculated the date, and it's coming really, really soon!

Jim said...

I took a quick glance, seeing as I'm about to go to bed here, but my favorite reason so far on how they KNOW the Earth is going to end:

"Incessant TV programming about this end of the world in 2012 date on the Mayan calendar and now a movie called 2012 is opening in fall 2009 too."

There are TV shows and a movie? Holy shit! Run for your lives!

They don't care that a movie, book, and several TV shows also claimed that Jesus was married and had kids, but this 2012 shit, that's the real thing.

I'll have more tomorrow I am sure. Right now I just can't stop laughing.

Jim said...

Here we go again.

About 2012.

1. Solar alignment has occurred a lot in the past. To contend that any sort of solar alignment would all of a sudden destroy the world in 2012 would mean that you would have to disregard the entire history of astronomy and physics. As for the sun rising with the galactic core of the Milky Way, do you people not realize that we are already in the Milky Way? The galactic core has no effect on us now, why would it have any effect on us later?

Study some physics and you'll learn quite fast that gravity is one of the weakest forces in existence. To assume that aligning two bodies in space millions of miles away from us would be like assuming that at total lunar eclipses, the oceans should be pulled off the Earth.

2. Solar activity. Since it's impossible to predict a solar flare even two hours from now, I would venture to guess that we don't have the capability to predict them years from now.

3. Some rouge planet hitting Earth. That's just too stupid to answer.

4. The Earth being pulled towards the galactic core because of the sun aligning with the galactic core. Do you realize that other planets have had the sun align between them and the galactic core before? Along with Earth? Nothing happened to them (or us) before, so why now?

The bottom line here, before I go off on a tangent, is that 'End of the World' myths are just that. Bullshit science backed by no facts. They spout a bunch of nonsense about crop circles, and galactic alignment without knowing the facts. Astronomers, physicists and atheists everywhere agree that nothing will happen. The only people who advance this myth are people who look to prosper from it.

People selling books.

People selling DVD's and the like.

Religious people looking for more recruits.

Anyone who can convince people to buy shit from them to 'survive' the apocalypse.

As though if the Earth were to really end by a planet smashing into it, or being pulled into the galactic core (Which, by the way, would take millions of years for the Earth to reach it), or a meteor colliding with it, or being pulled apart by some mythical gravity that doesn't exist, then would it really matter if you had a book?

Jim said...

Just a side note, not even the Mayans believe that 2012 will be the end of the world.

They just think it's the end of the current calender cycle. Nothing more.

Jim said...

Oh yeah, and on Dec. 12, 2012, there will be no planetary alignment at all.