Friday, October 2, 2009

I Do Christian Singles

After seeing a bunch of ads for Christian dating sites, I decided to give one a visit. I clicked on profiles of some nice-looking girls, and found this one. (I prefer brunettes.) Read it and see if you know where this post is going.

Are you thinking I'm going to laugh at this part?

"I was home schooled from 1st grade throught 12th grade. Then after I graduated, I went to a Bible college in Abbotsford, Canada B.C. I was there for a year. Then I took 3 years off, when my family and I moved to Wyoming to own a campground. We were there for 4 years. The last year we were there, I did one year of college online through Trinity Bible College."

Yes, I did find that amusing. I'm sure this girl has a well-rounded view of the world, after spending her entire life in Christian schools or being taught by her Christian parents. It seems she's trying to pass that off as a real education. There is no mention of her major, but it probably didn't involve critical thinking. I see a college that fits the description offers programs such as 'Bachelor of Worship Arts'.

So what's the real reason that I made this post? It's this part:

"I am so thankful to be alive! I was born three months premature and only weighed 2lbs. 4oz. I spent three months in the hospital and almost died several times. But through a lot of prayer and the grace of God, I am alive and well today!!"

Notice that she gives no credit at all to the doctors and nurses who worked on her, or the medical technology which aided her survival? All of the credit and her thanks go to her imaginary friend! Oh, and let's not forget the prayer!

If that's how things work, why don't we just throw premature babies into the rain gutter at the side of the road? If it's a god's will that they survive, then they'll survive! And if it's a god's will that they die, they'll die! Why do we bother to use all of these fancy machines, such as incubators, to keep them alive? Come to think of it, why do we intervene in medical cases at all? Why do we even put our food in the fridge? Won't our god protect us by preventing bacteria from growing on the food, or just keep us from getting sick if bacteria are present?

Sweetie, you're a good-looking girl, and you're welcome to send me naked photos of yourself (click the contact link at the top-left of the page), but I just don't think our relationship is going to work out if you're such a ditz.

I've posted on this kind of thing before.

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Jim said...

She never mentions how she was placed in mortal peril by the grace of god.

I'm just thankful she'll never be smart enough to challenge my beliefs, because she lacks a brain, by the grace of god.