Saturday, October 10, 2009

This is not a religious website!

It's hard to name a website these days. When I began this site a little more than a year ago, I wanted my own domain name, not just a Blogger address. So I started searching for availability of some domain names. Because the web is huge now, it was really tough. I think AtheistPropaganda was about my tenth choice, as the other names I thought of were all taken. But now that I have the name, I really like it, and am glad it was available.

The problem is that some people don't read the site, but think from the name that I am a religious believer attacking atheists. They then email me, without ever having read a single post, wondering why I'm being so harsh on atheists. This has happened a few times, with the latest being just a few hours ago. My guess is that these people are spamming religious sites, going from one to the other, copying and pasting the same text into the emails to each one, without ever actually reading the sites. This is probably because reading a post or two would mean they couldn't email quite as many sites in the same amount of time, and they've got spamming to do!

So please, stop emailing me and accusing me of being religious!

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Laura said...

haha! I write a lot about religion on my site, and I get some very strange comments from people who don't realize that I'm not in the ministry anymore! I just had someone post last night about what a great ministry I had going on, and she was going to go buy the materials I'd condemned in my post. ???! Another lady begged me to pray for her after reading a post, then realized what she'd done and sent me a frantic email begging for deletion. I find it pretty amusing!