Thursday, October 15, 2009

Those Bible-burning atheist bastards! Wait.... what?

So on Halloween, some dumbass Christians in North Carolina, USA, are going to burn a whole bunch of non-King-James Bibles, along with other books and music on the topic of Christianity. Oh please, please burn some more things:

- Dinosaur Adventure Land
- The Creation Museum
- Ray Comfort's house (wait for his family to leave)
- The Institute for Creation Research
- local churches, synagogues, temples, Scientology centers and mosques (except ones with significant historical or architectural value)

A question for Christian readers, "Are they going to hell for this?"

You can read the short article here.


tina FCD said...

What's new. Religious people can be nutty sometimes.

Jim said...

You know who else burned books?


Charles said...

Have you seen the 'Conservative Bible Project' its hillarious. They edited out the line about rich men and the eye of the needle, and they want to insert 'capitalistic principles' into the bible.

Admin said...

Charles, that's pretty messed-up. Because the god that made sure to inspire the original writers to so accurately record its word, couldn't be fucked to get out of bed when they were doing the first English translations.