Friday, November 6, 2009

De-conversion story 4

Another de-conversion story from a reader:

I have always been inquisitive and interested in science, so my de-conversion from Christianity really came as no surprise now that I think about it. I was twelve when it first started, on a vacation in Florida. I was very excited that day because my parents took my brother and I to the bookstore. I ended up taking home 5 books, one of which was Richard Dawkins' "The God Delusion". I read it in two days and it had a profound effect. I had grown up in a (quite liberal, I now realize) Presbyterian church, and even though I knew all about Evolution from watching the Discovery Channel and reading Scientific American, I had never actually thought about religion in a critical light. I found Dawkins' book very persuasive, but decided I was too stubborn to allow myself to be converted so easily. Over the course of the past three years, ! however, I have realized just how little sense religion makes and just how pernicious its influence is. A friend of mine recently invited me to his mega-church's youth group, and I was shocked at how these peddlers of 2000-year-old beliefs tried to ingratiate themselves to kids with rock music and funny videos. As soon as I got home, I googled "stupid fundies" to try and get the indoctrination off of me. That led me to a number of sites like these, and I am now a proud atheist.


Jim said...

It is a bit weird how they use cult-like tactics to convert people, isn't it?

Admin said...

You think it's weird that a cult uses cult-like tactics? What is the fundamental difference between religions and cults?

Check these definitions:

Cypher said...

I had to attend one of those chirch youth things with a cousin, and not only did they totally denounce evolution and atheism as evil and stupid(no paraphrasing here, they actually said it), they showed a video of an American evangelist who tried to say that proof of god was the Laminin molecule. Guess why?

Of course, if God really was there, we wouldn't even need a complex molecule to hold our cells together, because we were made from mud.

Which is in fact where those corrpting idiots are still wallowing.

Jim said...

It's not so much that I think it's weird, so much as I can't believe they haven't realized the negative connection. You would think a religious organization such as the Christian Church would realize that a main deterrent to people joining is their tactics.

Now, I'm not saying the church is smart, but they are better than this. It's almost like handing your enemy ammunition. But, then again, they do believe in an invisible man.

Chief said...

I gave up trying to think logically about religion a while ago....
But what you have to realize is that these cult tactics they are using on teenagers are the same tactics, often the very same words spoken, as the ones used to indoctrinate them from birth. No one really questions it because it is the same sort of thing that they have grown up hearing and become accustomed to.