Friday, November 20, 2009

Islamic countries try to ban my site

I was planning to write a different post, but that will have to wait now. I found this story in the news today, and it demanded a response.

The basics of the story are that a group of 56 Islamic countries are petitioning the United Nations to create a treaty that would protect religions and their symbols from abuse or mockery. This is essentially a worldwide ban on blasphemy. Ireland has just done this voluntarily.

I have a whole bunch of questions about this, such as:

1. Would this require the Islamic countries to actually respect other religions and atheism?

2. Would this make it illegal for religious people to come to my door and tell me how much I suck and/or deserve to be tortured forever because I don't believe what they believe?

3. Why aren't their gods strong enough to stand up for themselves? They seem to be kinda weak and cowardly.

Such a treaty would make this website against international law, so I have something to say to religions, while I still can:

"Fuck your prophets, fuck your saviours, fuck your gods, fuck your angels, fuck your texts, fuck your prayers, fuck your souls, fuck your afterlife, fuck your traditions, fuck your ceremonies, fuck your symbols, fuck your leaders, fuck your places of worship, fuck your holy cities, fuck YOU!"


Pinkydead said...

Welcome to my life, my friend.

(Message secreted out from the Theocratic Republic of Ireland).

Jim said...

Censorship. The only tool the religious have in their arsenal.

Anonymous said...

Yeah right gonna win a lot of people to the cause with all the f-ing.

Cypher said...

If thats all you can find wrong with the post then it still stands idiot...
Although, of course it does. I will be appauled if this passes.

Jim said...

What should we do to convert people to our side? Molest children, start wars, genocide, use cult tactics, lie, cheat, steal, or kill people who don't believe as we do?

I'm afraid these tactics are already taken by you religious types.

Admin said...

No, we should use censorship, like they're trying to do. Fight fire with fire! I'll be going around my site and deleting all user comments that don't agree with me and which I consider offensive.

Admin said...

avsn, let's get your opinion on the actual issue. You an I disagree on a lot of things, but I think this is one case in which atheists and moderate religious people will fully agree. Here is the question: Should I, or should I not, have the freedom to have this website?

Anonymous said...

Censorship I am against. I was just trying to say you could've done with out the crudeness. It serves no purpose. No not ever for shock value. Shock value is so overplayed these days. Fact is most people are gonna be more impressed by an intelligent and well worded tirade. (I could add that I might be a bit biased as I rarely swear, you have to get me pretty riled up for me to curse.)

Admin said...

It doesn't have to serve a purpose. It's just me writing. I am not trying to mobilise people or support. This is my space to write, and if people want to read, fine. I was not going for shock value, because most of my readers don't believe you can insult gods which don't exist.

You rarely swear? Why? Because it's bad? Have you ever thought about why it's bad? The whole concept of a swear word is ridiculous, if you give it some serious thought.

Anyway, glad you agree that I have the right to have such a blasphemous site.

Anonymous said...

My rare swear is just a matter of not having the habit really, not because its bad. And yes this is "your space." But if you're gonna write things that are controversial, and invite comment, you must be prepared for people to disagree with you. (I'm sure you are.)

ANTZILLA said...

If they don't like what they see they should keep there eyes as closed as their minds.

ANTZILLA said...

Even through "atheism" isn't a religion. If we were, would pictures of creationist religious content be seen as an attack on the atheist "religion" and there for be band aswell?

Admin said...

Antzilla, it's a good question. One question I had, which didn't make the cut into the final post, was what qualifies as "offense" to a religion. One could interpret another person worshiping a different god as being "offensive" to one's religion. So then is worshiping Vishnu offensive to Muslims? And does it follow that if all religions offend the others, then could only the one "true" religion be allowed to remain? I fear something like this might lead to an attempt to define the "true religion", and we know how religious people like to take care of those kinds of debates. Death follows.

Cypher said...

'Death follows.'
The sad truth:S

Jim said...

They can kill each other. I'm cool with that. Just less idiots to argue their case.

Unknown said...

Disclaimer: I'm a Christian (secure in my beliefs just interested in learning and getting answers to questions other Christians refuse to answer).

Censorship sucks. You have a right to choose what you believe in. If you don't want to see it don't read it. Censorship isn't gonna change that.

That said, there's a difference between free speech and rubbing someone's face in something they don't like to be a colostomy bag.

Personally speaking, the only tool I've got in my arsenal is praying. Corny but that's about it. I'm not trying to "win" anybody.

You're right about religion as a whole though. Religion has definitely used those tactics and continues to use them today. it sucks.

Cypher said...

Maybe I misread it but Eillix seems to have a quantumally dual worldview.
' I'm a Christian (secure in my beliefs ... '
'You're right about religion as a whole though. Religion has definitely used those tactics and continues to use them today. it sucks.'
You are a firm believer in Christianity though you admit it uses cult tactics?

'Censorship sucks. You have a right to choose what you believe in. If you don't want to see it don't read it. Censorship isn't gonna change that. '
Of course it will, because you won't be allowed to read it even if you want to.
You probably won't even be allowed to think about it.
Is this called the Orwell Bill by any chance?

Unknown said...


Sometimes I wonder if it comes down to semantics. I consider myself to be close friends with Jesus so I feel that the label "Christian" applies to me. Call it stupid, corny, ignorant, whatever, but I've tested this for myself & found it to be true.

On Cult Activities
As far as cult activities go, what people choose to do on God's behalf doesn't necessarily define who God is. It does open up the possibility of mis-representation. This is something that I'm really nervous about doing; regardless, I'm following Him not everyone else.

I still believe in our country even though parts of it are corrupt. No need to throw the baby out with the bath water.

On Censorship
Censorship won't stop people for long. Why? Because knowledge, education, and opinions don't exist in a vacuum.

Even if people are isolated they still have the ability to question things, form opinions on their own, and draw conclusions. Nevermind that people tend to find ways over, under, around or through restrictions because of our disobedient nature (just look at organizations like the piratebay).