Monday, February 15, 2010

Oh, but there were eye-witnesses!

On today, there is the story of an Israeli cult leader who managed to convince 23 women that he was omnipotent and had healing powers.  He then controlled their entire lives.

This reminds me specifically of Christianity, among all religions.  One of the best arguments they have, one which has been argued in front of me recently, is that the Apostles of Jesus were eye-witnesses to his greatness, and so blah, blah, blah, it must be true!

The problem is obvious.  There were gullible people then.  There are gullible people now.  There are even people now who are so gullible that all they require is the word of other gullible people.  They'll even accept the word of other gullible people who lived thousands of years ago and whose story only lives on through a book which was written and manipulated by others over centuries.  Even now, these gullible people can be convinced of pretty much anything, which is why we have cults all over the world whose followers make various supernatural claims.

So if your argument in any way relies on the word of these gullible people from thousands of years ago, I have one question.  Is that the best you've got?


ANTZILLA said...

This subject of gullibility came up in another blog "Is America a Christian Nation?"

My tongue in cheek response was YES.

However only because the ancestors of Americans were subjected to selective breeding!

So back when people used the text of the Old Testaments as there bases of power, all people especially woman who didn't conform (bypass there intellects) were killed ( witch burnings, blasphemy charges etc.)

So as humans have flight or fight reactions to danger the people who fought for there intellects were killed and the rest fled from there own beliefs and were peer pressured into "faith".

So what we have now are the decendence of people selectively breed with the predispositions to gullibility.

Back on topic sorry.

The best example of the falsehoods of eye-witnesses are todays illusionists.
An example is a guy called Chris Angel "mind freak" he has reinacted all the claimed miracles of Jesus including walking on water. He said this illusion could have been easier to pull off 2000yrs ago because of the lack of technology (video cameras etc.)

Admin said...

Antzilla, while I think there's a high likelihood that Jesus was a real person, my money is on the water story being pure fiction. Never happened, not even as an illusion.

tina FCD said...

Reminds me of Charles Manson and his followers.

Feki said...

Ok, let's say the 12 merry apostles were reliable eye-witnesses, totally unbiased by the fact they were handpicked by who they thought was the lord himself.

So, what about some eye-witnesses for the creation of Adan and Eve?. Or for the Cain vs. Abel case?. Or for that time when Moses got hold of the ten commandments "directly from god"?. Or when Jonah was swallowed by a whale and lived? Or when Gabriel spoke to Mary... etc.

I guess, under circular reasoning, it is safe for christ-tards to assume that if one story is true then the rest ought to be true as well.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'd like to see a believer's response to Feki.