Saturday, March 13, 2010

Christians are immoral, their god is fucking incompetent and a pussy

So once again, sexual abuse of children by Catholic priests is in the news.  Big shock, I know.  This time the news is out of Germany, and has even involved the Pope himself.  From the article:

" broke that 30 years ago, Pope Benedict XVI -- who was an archbishop at the time -- approved providing a priest accused of child sex abuse church accommodations in his diocese so the priest could undergo therapy."

The article goes on to state that this priest in question was let go from his duties just 2 years ago.  So of course, rather than turn over the child-abuser to the police, or kick him out, they instead kept it internal, as they always do.

You can read the full article here.

If the Christian god does exist, it's gotta be completely incompetent!  It sends these people, these pedophiles, to be its messengers for all people.  It sends the dumbest fucks on the planet, like Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron, to argue for it in public, leading to total embarrassment.  It sends people to our doors who are incapable of properly arguing for its existence.  Why couldn't it make and/or use smarter, more moral people to spread belief in it?  And why isn't it capable of doing any of this work itself?  Why does it rely on these morally-impaired, retarded scumbags to spread information about it?  Why does it need these monsters to stand up for it and make excuses for it?  Why can't it do that itself?  It's hiding in a corner, too scared to reveal itself or stand up for itself.  It sounds like a pussy to me.

Not surprisingly, and as usual, the situation is exactly what we'd expect if there are no gods at all.  Priests are no more moral than the average person, religious door-knockers are no more intelligent than the average person, and Ray Comfort is a far-below-average putz.

As Freiburg Archbishop Robert Zoellitsch says at the end of the article, "There must be no sexual abuse -- especially in the church."  AND THAT'S EXACTLY THE WAY IT WOULD BE, IF THEIR GOD WAS REAL.


Jim said...

I again revert to my standard argument: If there was a God, why didn't he just create us all with the knowledge of his existence? Would have solved every problem ever. No wars, no crime, and certainly no priests molesting children.

Admin said...

Yep... because it's been thousands of years since its invention, and still only about 1/3 of the planet believes in it. And the ones who do constantly fight about its qualities and what it wants. Nobody agrees with anybody else about it.

Check out the comment I just got on this post:

Jim said...

I have to admit, that was pretty funny. Pointless, and improves the argument against the morality that is inherent with religion, but funny. Thanks for helping out our side genius.

Also, in the spirit of the original post, I came across this article about the rampant abuse in the Catholic Church. Enjoy.

David McNerney said...

The worst part is that I'm sure I will hear interviews with the ordinary Catholic man on the street disgusted at this, while still on his way to Sunday Mass.

Admin said...

David, your comment should have read:

"The worst part is that I'm sure I will hear interviews with the ordinary Catholic man on the street disgusted at this, while still on his way to Sunday Mass, with cash in his hand for the collection plate."

These stupid, stupid people (including my family) fund all of this!

Jim said...

Another update on Catholics sexually abusing children, and then having the church cover it up.

If you think this is what Jesus wanted, perhaps you should be nailed to a cross too.

Magnamune said...

It seems to me that the more tension within the christian community (Mostly caused by people such as us) the more likely this sort of thing happens. I like how they tried to make it Pro-pope, despite its anti-christian base.

There will always be wierd, or disturbed people, but so long as organised religion exists, there will always be a place for some of them to hide. Islam has psychopaths and murderers, though I'll put forth that I don't think that ALL of the islamic faith likes to kill, Scientology has numerous human rights violations against it's name, and christianity has pedophelia.

On a side note - I recently watched Religulous, and found one part in particular to be quite humourous. When Bill Maher is talking to the political figure (Didn't bother to get his actual job, or his name for that matter), and the guy says: "You don't need an IQ test to run for office", or something along those lines. It was directly after this 'joke' the Bill stopped laughing and gave him a look af disdain. So, do you think it would be better to have politicions pass an IQ test before being allowed to run for office. It'd certainly prevent another Bush in America, and may even help Australia (I don't pay much attention to Austalian politics).

Jim said...

Yeah. That dude was a Senator. IT is a shame how deep some of these idiots are into religion. They think that God is telling them how to vote, and what they should do. And naturally, they are all hypocrites at the same time. If there was a Muslim telling them that Allah told them to vote for something, they would tell that person to keep their religion out of their politics. And then turn to the religious voter base and ask how they should vote.

ANTZILLA said...

The series of post that went on in the blog
would have to be the funniest thing I've seen for a long time :)