Friday, March 19, 2010

My immorality is an embarrassment

I have a confession to make.  After 2 years of running this site, the religious commenters have finally convinced me of my immorality.  I am a bad person, who blasphemes every chance I get.  I have sinned against the gods, and have spread immorality to others.  So from this day forward, I am adopting a religious stance on morality.  I apologise to my atheist readers, you must be very disappointed in me, but I can no longer continue along the path I was on.  You should consider following me on my new journey.

Now, there is a question.  Shall I model my new morality after the Brazilian priests, or the Irish ones?

(That Irish story is especially appalling.)


Jim said...

I'd go with the Irish. At least it's not all molesting and raping children. In Ireland, at least you get to change it up and beat people with whips.

ANTZILLA said...

These two stories piss me off so much! "god given morality" give me a fucking break >:(

Anonymous said...