Saturday, April 3, 2010

Should he be allowed to continue to work with children?

An article from the news today:

WINDSOR, Ont. — A Canadian teacher who pleaded guilty to sex crimes Thursday is remorseful and hopes to one day resume his work, his lawyer said.

The teacher, John Duarte, who once taught at a school in southwestern Ontario, was convicted of sexual interference involving three teens in Haiti between 2000 and 2006. 

He was sentenced to 18 months in jail, with credit for 10 months already served, followed by three years on strict probation. 

His lawyer, Andrew Bradie, said Duarte was remorseful and had made a step forward. 

"He's a person who can do tremendous things and help; on the other hand he had this weakness," Bradie said. 

"I'm hopeful somewhere down the road when he is released, finished his probation, he'll resume the compassionate work he can do to help the community, this one or somewhere else." 

Duarte was arrested in the Dominican Republic in October 2009 and extradited to Canada to face the charges related to the sexual exploitation of boys in Haiti. 

Court was told he gave money and gifts, including the promise of payments for schooling, in exchange for sexual favours. 

Duarte taught at schools in London, Leamington, St. Clair Beach and Windsor -- all in southwestern Ontario -- before moving to Haiti in 2003.

How does that sound to you? It seems that this sex-offender who preys on children would like to continue his work teaching children in the future.  His lawyer also thinks he should be allowed to continue teaching, because he's good at it, but merely has a weakness.  Isn't that disgusting?  I think even the religious would agree with me on this one.  They wouldn't want their kids being taught by this man, isn't that right?  And I think it's safe to say that they don't think he should ever be allowed in a classroom again.

Now here's the punchline.  I changed a few words in this article, specifically in the first, second and last paragraphs.  This sex offender was not a teacher, but a Catholic priest.  He was in Haiti doing missionary work.  How does it sound now?  Shall we all forgive him and let him continue to serve, because he's a religious man doing religious work?  Surely we should just send him to a different village/country to continue his humanitarian work, and forget this whole incident ever happened.  Perhaps we should even give him an award for being the Catholic priest who has molested the FEWEST children.  I mean, only 3?  That's pretty good!

You can read the original, unaltered article here.


Jim said...

These sick fucks need to be strung up. Period.

Anonymous said...

Repentance doesn't work for manipulative evildoers.
Doesn't anyone watch any drama? The cliche is so prevalent because it's true!
I wouldn't execute him because I don't believe in a vengeance state, but we need justice here and for all of these 'people.'

Jim said...

I thought we all might enjoy this:

Seems England is trying to figure out whether or not they should charge the Pope with Crimes Against Humanity for covering up (and in my opinion, allowing) all the child sexual abuse.

ANTZILLA said...

18mth gaol for child sex offences WTF! you could be gaoled longer for drink driving.

Jim said...

They need to punished and made examples of. This kind of behavior is beyond belief.

Jim said...

Here's something.

These Bishops are afraid that if the statute of limitations on sexual abuse is lifted, their church will come under attack. Hmm. Seems like they're hiding something.

Feki said...

Sad thing is that miscellaneous christian sects are capitalizing big time with all these scandals. Instead of people abandoning faith altogether they simply flock around another salvation-promising douche.

Kids get raped by "holy men". And that includes vulnerable, disabled or challenged kids. No freaky resurrected dude comes to their rescue at the last second.

So, what else do people need to be convinced that their imaginary asshole god does not exist?

Why isn't anybody I know boycotting mass or confronting priests?

I would like to incite people to vandalize church property out of sheer discontent, but in an unfortunate ironic twist vandalizing property is a crime that's actually prosecuted, penalized and frowned upon by society.