Sunday, June 13, 2010

New blog, TV show

Some readers will know that I'm a big fan of The Atheist Experience, a weekly call-in atheism program run out of Austin, Texas.  For any readers who are in Washington state, there is a brand-new, similar program in their area.  It's also available online for anybody who isn't in the area.  It's called Ask an Atheist.  Unlike the 90-minute The Atheist Experience, this show is 60 minutes long.  They just did their first episode last week, which you can find online here.  They also have a *very* unfinished website here.  Hopefully after they get some more episodes under their belts, they can gain the kind of success and following that The Atheist Experience has in the online atheism community.  And hopefully there will eventually be a mainstream network brave enough to broadcast an atheism show.

There is also a new blog that I think is worth pointing out, as it is somewhat atheism-related.  It's run by a reader of this site, who sent me the link to his first posts.  The purpose of the site is to try to answer science questions in easy-to-understand terms.  So if any readers have a science question, send him an email.  The website is called The Essence of Everything.  Hopefully it can be a place for the religious to go to ask questions about their perceived inadequacies of science, while ignoring the answers as only a religious person can.

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Anonymous said...

Hooray! This Washington State resident is going to go check that out!