Sunday, June 20, 2010

Theist says pain/suffering/defects = good. Praise Allah!

The new Ask An Atheist TV show received a call last week which I think is a perfect example of just how incredibly fucked-up religious people can be.

The caller was a Muslim female named Layla.  Layla was arguing that her god, Allah, is completely good.  When the hosts challenged her to reconcile this belief she has about her god with the existence of birth defects in innocent babies, Layla explained that it is the "that's the power that he has ... he's showing you the power that he has ... it's his creation and he can do whatever" he wants.

When the host challenged her to explain how that makes her god good, Layla responded that it's because (her) god IS good.  That didn't answer a whole lot, but what do you expect from the religious?

Layla, the problem here is that you're a stupid bitch!  Not only are you a stupid bitch, but you're a pretty fucked-up and twisted human being, too!  How can you assert that it's a good thing that babies are born with terrible birth defects?  How can you claim that an all-good god would show us its power in such a disgracefully mean and cruel way?  Layla, if your stupid inbred baby was born with a terrible birth defect, would you claim it was a good thing?  What the fuck is wrong with you?  Why don't you think that an all-good god would show us its power in only good ways, like by stopping a war or saving a little girl from getting kidnapped and raped (in a manner that would be clear that it was divine intervention and not a case of 'shit happens')?  The hosts asked you just such a question, but you dismissed it by strangely claiming that it's only the host's opinion, whatever the fuck that was supposed to mean.  You think that your god is all-good, yet it chooses to show us its power in disgusting ways such as birth defects?

So Layla, does that mean that when human doctors fight to correct the birth defect, that they are defying your god's will?  Does it mean that these doctors are doing evil, because they are trying to undo the all-good work that your god did?  Does it mean that humans have the same power as your god, because we find ways to unravel the awesome power that your god is choosing to display to us?  Does it mean that humans are naturally born without defects, and only the work of an all-good god can create horrible defects in these innocent babies?

People, this is what happens to your brain when religion is introduced.

I also notice that her god's display of power is indistinguishable from the case that the god doesn't exist and natural birth defects occur.

The video of her call is below.

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Uyi Iredia said...

Pain, suffering and defects are a relative term. In order words, within time and space, you can have various forms of pain.

Example: A knife

If you use the sharp part of a knife against the palm of your hand. You get a cut that is not fatal. On the other hand, if you use the sharp part of a knife, against a jugular vein, you'll die.

This is the basis of unorthodox medical practices such as chiropractic

given the general definition of God as a creator, I do not see anything wrong with Him (or, it, if you will) creating human beings with the ability to perceive pain in the body. In order, to avoid injury from the materials He created.

Please mail me your reply